Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Rite Movie Review 181


 The Rite is a 2011 film starring Anthony Hopkins and Colin O' Donoghue. It's directed by a Swedish guy called Mikael Hafstrom.

This film is pretty easy to explain. Michael Kovak(O'Donoghue) is studying to be a priest, but he lacks real faith and he is wondering if he is suitable for the priesthood. He is going to leave when Father Matthew(Toby Jones) tells him about this programme in Rome. It is a study about exorcism. Michael is sceptical but agrees to go.He goes to one of the lectures about exorcisim and he is not sure he believes all of it. So, then he meets exorcist, Father Lucas(Hopkins) and things take a strange turn. He begins to be exposed to people who are supposedly possessed and he is faced with some decisions. He has to decide if he has faith and if can believe in the Devil.

This film's a bit boring. It is too long anyway. I think that films should be around an hour and a half. This one was too long because there was more chatting and pondering than anything else. I wasn't too bothered with it to be honest. Amanda felt the same way. We thought that there were one or two good scenes and the rest was just talking and more talking.If you are interested in reliegion etc, then maybe you would love this one, but it is just dull. I also hate the fact that is is PG-13. What is with that? Horror films used to be for adults before, now we are given this PG rubbish. This one is to be avoided unless you love long movies with not much happening most of the time.

The Rite- 3/10


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