Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Night of the Creeps Movie Review 188

Night of the Creeps is a 1986 horror movie directed by Fred Dekker and it stars Jason Lively and Tom Atkins.

The movie begins with aliens on a ship in outer space. They are trying to make sure an experiment of theirs does not escape off of their spaceship, but it does and it crashes to earth. Then, we cut to an escaped axe murderer in 1959 who kills a young woman. Her boyfriend finds the canister from outer space and some parasite jumps into his mouth. Cut to present day and some college kids are having fun. Chris(Jason Lively) and his buddy J.C.(Steve Marshall) are trying to get into a fraternity and they have to get a corpse and dump on on the steps of another  house. They enter the morgue where they find a guy in suspended animation and they are amazed. They accidentally let him out and when he seems to come to life, they run away scared. He is the same guy who was infected with some parasite in 1959. The body disappears when the cops come. Detective Ray Cameron(Atkins) is investigating.

The movie takes off from there in a way you could predict. The little parasites are infecting the college kids and all hell breaks loose. There is also another story going on about the return of the axe murderer. Has he come back? We find out that Ray was a cop back in 1959 and his high school sweetheart was the young woman murdered by the axe killer. Also, there is a romance going on between Chris and the object of his affection, Cynthia(Jill Whitlow). Ray has to try and get rid of the parasites with Chris and Cynthia's help. The ending of the movie is Ray burning down a frat house to get rid of the parasites and he dies. Chris and Cynthia kiss. Along comes a dog and it is infected starting the infestation again. There is an alternate ending in which Ray emerges from the house infected and he collapses, spilling parasites all over the place. The aliens are coming to earth to clean up their mess...

This movie is a classic low budget horror movie which mixes a lot of themes like zombies, aliens, axe murderers and a romance thrown in. It is good fun and it is a classic in its own way. I give it a 6/10.


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