Sunday, July 31, 2011

Best Slashers of the 1980's Part 3

We left off in 1983 the last time so now, I am going to take you through some more slashers from 1984 and 1985.Some of these are pretty obscure, but if you like horror movies, then you might want to watch them...

Starting with 1984, the best slasher from this year would have to be A Nightmare on Elm Street which I reviewed here. I wasn't too sure whether this would be classified as a slasher or a supernatural horror, but it doesn't matter. It is a classic anyway and one of my favourite horror movies. You know the story and you know the characters so I will just say that this really started a new breed of horror movies and introduced one of the best baddies ever- Freddy Krueger! Another slasher movie I liked is Friday the 13th 4: The Final Chapter. Corey Feldman starred in this one.Silent Night, Deadly Night was a Christmas slasher movie and it is worth a watch any time of year! 

Now for some lesser known slashers- The Initiation which starred Daphne Zuniga wasn't a bad movie. Blind Date was another slasher and it starred Kirstie Alley. Some more obscure slashers from 1984 are Splatter University,Silent Madness,Girls Nite Out, Fatal Games, Satan's Blade and Rocktober Blood!!!!Some great low budget horror there and worth seeing if you like the slasher genre like I do. I think that it is a shame how some of these movies have been forgotten over the years...

Anyway on to 1985 which wasn't a brilliant year for the slasher. The sequels were in abundance. Nightmare  On Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge and Friday the 13th Part 5 made an appearance as did The Hills Have Eyes 2. Dario Argento brought us the supernatural slasher Phenomena starring the young Jennifer Connelly. Now for the low budget movies. There are some great titles here..Let me start with The Nail Gun Massacre, The Mutilator and Too Scared to Scream! Blood Cult, Horror House on Highway 5 and Screamplay are more examples of b movie horror, Lastly, Murder Elite and Murderlust finish off the year. There weren't great original slashers from 1985. I liked  Phenomena and The Hills Have Eyes 2. 

That is my selection of slashers from 1984 and 1985. Some are great, some are okay and some are downright awful, but I had to include them. I like low budget horror and you can be pleasantly surprised sometimes.....Let me know if I have left out any slashers!!!


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