Monday, July 25, 2011

Dead on Site Movie Review 194

Dead on Site is a 2008 horror movie written, produced, directed and starring Scott Kenyon Barker. It stars a host of unknowns but Tiffany Shepis makes a guest appearance at the beginning as a security guard.

The movie begins with some killings as a couple of young women break down in a park. They are met by a security guard(Shepis) who tells them to get back into their car. Suddenly, a psycho comes out of the night and murders them all. Cut to a family in a house. The daughter is changing her clothes when she is attacked by same psycho and murdered. The rest of the family are killed too. The last one to die is the young kid who hides under a desk to get away, but it is too late for him....

Present day. Group of people are heading out into the middle of nowhere to film a school project about the killings in the house years ago. This spells trouble straight away! They are going to reenact the murders and broadcast them on the internet. Of course, you just know that it will all end up messy but let's go on..Deke(Robbie Daymond) has the camera and he is filming everything. They order pizza and when it arrives, the pizza guy starts talking to them about what happened in the house etc. They begin to film. One of the girls, Cody(Maggie Guzman) wonders what happened to the brother in the house the night of the killings.One of the group Marc(Christopher Burnham) has a criminal record making the others a little wary of him. He is in charge of the computers. They get a weird phone call telling them that they will all die. They ignore it.

Weird things happen such as a prop knife being real. Marc is under suspicion. He reveals his past. He shot a guy because he shot Marc's dog. They go back to making the movie. Deke tells a story about an outlaw who sold his soul to the Devil. At this point, people begin to get killed.  They continue to receive the phone calls from the person who threatens to kill their families if they try and leave.Marc goes missing and they wonder if he is the killer. The pizza guy shows up and he gets nasty. They call the police.  Everything goes wrong and people start dropping like flies. Deke goes missing also and the girls are left alone. They realise that the killer is not Marc, it is Deke. He is the reincarnation of Jacob, the outlaw who sold his soul. He attacks them and they try to escape. They manage to stab him in the eye and run off. He is still alive. The credits roll but there is a little bit at the end that shows the girls at work. They hear footsteps coming into their office and surprise, surprise, it is Jacob/Deke!!! I have included a picture of horror queen Tiffany Shepis who makes a brief cameo in this movie. Enjoy!

Not bad for such a low budget movie. It was good fun and I liked the little bit at the end. I would recommend it. I sometimes think that these straight to DVD movies can be better than the big studio movies, so if you like what you read, watch it!!!It gets a 5/10.


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