Monday, July 11, 2011

Psychosis Movie Review 192

 Psychosis is a 2010 British thriller movie directed by Reg Traviss and starring Charisma Carpenter, Ricci Harnett and  Paul Sculfor.

The movie begins with a group of hippies camping out in the countryside. They are protesting something and they get killed one by one. One of the girls manages to escape and run away and the killer chases her but she gets to the police. He is arrested and taken away. Cut to 15 years later and a writer called Susan Golden(Carpenter) and her husband David(Paul Sculfor) have moved from the US to the English countryside. They have bought a large country mansion and they intend to stay there while Susan writes. They move in and are greeted by the local vicar. That night, Susan hears noises downstairs and David goes to investigate. There is nothing there. Meanwhile, Susan's editor Charles wants her to write a new book. She is alone in the house one day and she sees a young teenager kicking around a football in the garden. When she runs down to the garden, he has gone. She begins to see other things in the house too.

She wanders into the woods for a walk one day and she sees a couple having sex. The man looks up and sees her. He leers at her and she runs away. She makes it back home and she tells David what happened.
He introduces her to the gamekeeper, Peck(Harnett) and she realises to her horror that he is the man she saw in the woods having sex and leering at her. David convinces her that Peck is not dangerous. Susan sees weird things around the house and David has the locks changed to comfort her. Susan calls in the police but they can't find anything amiss. David has to go away on business overnight and he is worried about leaving her alone. He asks Peck to keep an eye on her. Peck makes her dinner and spikes it with magic mushrooms and she loses control. They have sex. The next day she is hung over and she can't really remember what happened.

Susan visits the local vicar and she tells him all about her visions. She tells him that she had a nervous breakdown and David helped her through it. She goes home and sees visions of things again. This time, she loses it and has another breakdown which is just what David wanted. He set everything up so that she would believe the house was haunted or something and he drove her crazy. All of her money etc goes to him. Susan is locked in an institution and David is selling the house and pocketing all of her money. Suddenly, David is killed and Susan can see it happening. It seems as if she could see into the future and that was what her visions were all about. This movie was ok.It wasn't great and I wouldn't watch it again. I am giving it a 5/10. Not bad, but not great either....


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