Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Fear Chamber Movie Review 197

The Fear Chamber is a 2009 thriller starring Richard Tyson, Rhett Giles and Steven Williams. It is directed by Kevin Carraway.

I am just going to give a brief review of this movie as I disliked it. I couldn't imagine watching this again. Okay so here is the synopsis. Girls are being tortured by some killer. A cop, Nick(Giles) is looking for the women and he is having visions about the killer's next victim. He investigates and it when he is shot while chasing the killer, he begins having his visions. He discovers that he received the heart from one of the baddies victims and that is why he is having his dreams. The movie just meanders along and not much happens. Cop gets killer and resigns.
That is basically it. Don't waste your time on this stinker..Avoid. It gets a 1/10.


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