Friday, August 19, 2011

Hells Kitchen, Season 9, Episode 5 and 6

Last week saw the departure of Chino. So, we are down to 13 chefs.

Episode 5 begins with Elise attacking everyone yet again. She cannot seem to shut the hell up. The challenge this week begins with Chef Ramsay bringing in two chefs who do unusual food. They use all sorts of chemistry to come up with strange recipes. The contestants have to make something just using water. They can boil, poach or steam things. They all set about making their dishes. The red team have to drop one of the dishes as they have too many and Elise decides that Carrie's should be dropped without even tasting it. The others agree. Krupa puts up her dish and she says that it is veal but it isn't. It is a different cut of beef(see video above). The red team are amazed at her stupidity. Also, Carrie's dish turns out to be the best one and they didn't pick it so they lose. The blue team win and they are treated to a day at a spa in Beverly Hills. The red team have to clean the fountain in Hell's Kitchen. They have to prep both kitchens. The girls moan and bitch as usual while the blue team enjoy themselves.

That night, service begins and Krupa is off to a bad start. Jonathan is having problems remembering his menu.
Krupa is sinking fast. Monterray is not having a great night either and he can't handle his meat station. Krupa is thrown out of the kitchen after another mistake. Tommy looks lost in the kitchen and he isn't communicating with anyone. Chef Ramsay is pissed at him. The red team are falling apart as Gina doesn't know what she is doing. Monterray is still getting his meat wrong and he is holding up the whole kitchen. He and Tommy get thrown out of the kitchen. Gina hands Chef Ramsay a raw piece of fish and he throws Elise and Gina out.
As usual, Elise blames everyone else. She takes no responsibility for her own actions. There is no winning team so each team have to choose two people to go. The red team choose Krupa and Elise and the blue team chooses Tommy and Monterray. Gina gets the boot and rightly so.

Episode 6 begins with Elise trying to work on her attitude, but you know that it won't last long. She is delighted to be staying and she pisses off everyone. For their challenge, the two teams have to talk to a high school reunion committee who want to hold their party in Hell's Kitchen. Paul and Elizabeth go to talk to them and see what they want and then they go into the kitchen to create something Hawaiian for them. They are supposed to tell the rest of their teams what the committee wanted. Elizabeth messes up and doesn't tell her team that they wanted Hawaiian. Some of their dishes are not what the committee wanted. Elise gives one of the vegetarian ladies a dish with bacon in it and that does not go down well(see video above). Elizabeth never told the others to have a vegetarian dish. The blue team win the challenge and they get a day out on a yacht. The red team have to decorate the dining room for the Hawaiian night. They fight as usual.They have to assemble a cake and they can't even do that right.

Service begins and Chef Ramsay sees the cake. He is not serving it. The blue team start out very well. The red team doesn't. The usual communication problems surface and Carrie and Elise are at each other's throats again. On the blue team, Paul gives Chef Ramsay raw fish. The red team are leaderless so big mouth Elise steps up. Paul is still handing up raw fish and he is thrown off the fish station. Monterray and Jonathan take over. Monterray is pissed at him because he thinks that Jonathan is not pulling his weight. Monterray hands Chef Ramsay raw fish and he gets the whole team thrown out of the kitchen. The red team finish up their food for them. The blue team loses and they choose Monterray and Paul to go home. Monterray gets the boot.
That's all for this week....


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