Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hell's Kitchen, Season 9, Episode 9 and 10

Last week, we saw the end of Krupa and Jonathan. Now there are only nine chefs left.

This week's episode begins with Elise thanking herself for running everything on her own perfectly. She is so annoying! Everyone is tired of hearing her bleating on about herself. She couldn't work in a kitchen with a team- she would have alienated everyone in ten minutes with her huge mouth. The challenge this week is to come up with a romantic dessert. Chef Ramsay brings in two chefs to judge them. The girls decide to drop Elise's dessert and when Chef Ramsay tastes it, he tells them that they made the right choice. The red team win and they get to go to Las Vegas. The blue team have to make the dining room romantic for date night.

Service begins and Tommy is told to wake up by Chef Ramsay. In the red kitchen, Carrie tries to communicate with Elise and gets no answer. It is ridiculous. Tommy is messing up his scallops and he gets caught making the same mistake twice. Jamie hands up a dish with a hair in it(watch video above). She gets blamed for it even though she tries to deny it. Tommy is sent out of the kitchen to get some air. Carrie sends up burnt fish and pretends that she did not see it. Carrie is thrown out despite her objections. Tommy comes back with fight in him. In the red kitchen, Jamie seems to be losing her grip and she gets shouted at again. Paul hands up raw chicken and gets thrown out. Elise hands up a vegetarian dish with lobster in it!  She hands Chef Ramsay overcooked oysters. She gets kicked out. Without Carrie or Elise the other three work on. To be honest, I can't see any of the red team winning. I think that Will might be a good frontrunner. The blue team wins and the red team have to pick two to go home. They choose Carrie and Elise. Chef Ramsay chooses Jamie and rightly so.

Episode ten begins with the cows on the red team moaning that Carrie didn't get kicked out even though Jamie handed up a dish with her hair in it!!!!I hate the bully tactics that those women have. Jennifer seems to be particularly mean and it turns me off. Even though Carrie might not be the best chef, I don't like to see one person singled out for hassle. Elise should have been kicked out already for her terrible attitude. Anyway, the challenge this week is the taste test. The red team wins and Elise tells them that she won it for them and gets praise from Chef Ramsay. She loves the attention. The girls get to go to the Hollywood Hills and they have lunch etc. The blue team have to peel and deseed loads of grapes.

That night, the teams have to serve the tables and then cook. The red team decide to serve first and then cook later. Carrie does very well at the waitressing unlike some of the others. Tommy seems to be falling behind again. Natalie hands Chef Ramsay meat which seems to be overcooked. She does it twice. Their time is up and they have to go and serve while the red team goes into the kitchen. Tommy is terrible at waiting on tables and he gets yelled at for his woeful writing on his tickets. Elise hands up raw fish. She isn't as good as she thinks she is. Jennifer starts shouting at Carrie about her dish and she is getting to be as nasty as Elise. Carrie burns her potatoes and gets in trouble. The others are moaning about her. Elise drops her fish on the floor. There is no winner and each team have to pick one person from each team. I knew that the red team would pick Carrie despite Elise's mistakes. The blue team pick Tommy. Carrie gets kicked out and everyone on the red team is delighted, especially Elise(watch video above). I think that Elise should have went home after her bad performance, but for some reason, she gets a pass. I guess the nastier you are, the longer you stay in.... We are down to eight now.


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