Saturday, August 6, 2011

Piranha Movie Review 195

Piranha is a 2010 remake of the 1978 movie of the same name and is directed by Alexandre Aja who also churned out the awful remake of The Hills Have Eyes in 2006 and the even worse Mirrors in 2008. Piranha 3D stars Elisabeth Shue, Jerry O' Connell, Ving Rhames, Christopher Lloyd and Richard Dreyfuss.

The movie begins with a fisherman called Matthew(Dreyfuss) who is in Lake Victoria(this scene is like his famous scene in Jaws). A little quake hits the town and he topples over into the lake only to meet a grisly death by some nasty piranha fish who have been dislodged from a cave underneath the water. Cut to a teenager called Jake(Steven R.McQueen) who is on the beach collecting his sister Laura. It is Spring Break and  at Lake Victoria and there are plenty of babes on the beach being filmed by sleazy Derek(O'Connell). It is kind of like Girls Gone Wild. Derek offers Jake a job as a location scout. He has to look after his sister and brother but he decides to take the job. His mother is Sheriff Julie Forester(Shue) and she has entrusted the two kids to her son. She and her Deputy, Fallon(Rhames) are looking through the lake after finding the grotesque body of the fisherman. There is seismic activity in the lake  and there is a team of divers coming to see what is going on. Julie has to escort them.

Jake asks his sister and brother to take care of themselves while he heads to the beach to meet Derek. The divers arrive and the Sheriff meets them.Meanwhile Jake meets Danni(Kelly Brook) and he is attracted to her.
She is in Derek's videos. He also meets a friend of his called Kelly(Jessica Szohr) who likes him. She comes along with him on a yacht with Derek and some girls. There are some pointless scenes of the girls kissing etc.
Meanwhile, Jake's sister and brother are wandering from home and getting themselves into trouble. The divers go underwater and they find the cave where the piranha came from. There are loads of eggs down there. Two of them are killed by the fish. They manage to catch one alive and they take it to Carl Goodman(Lloyd) and he looks at it. He says that is an ancient species and that they must have been trapped underwater for years.

All hell breaks loose when the Sheriff tries to get all of the party people out of the water. They ignore her and then the piranha attack. There is gore and body parts everywhere. Derek and co get stuck on their yacht and they need to get help from the Sheriff..Watch the movie if you want to know how it ends. It was a middle of the road horror movie. I think it was more comedy than horror like the original movie. It was okay to pass an hour and a half but nothing special. I give this a 5/10.


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