Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Super 8 Movie Review 200

Super 8 is a 2011 sci-fi movie directed by J.J. Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg and starring Joel Courtney, Elle Fanning and Kyle Chandler.

The movie begins with 14 year old Joe Lamb(Courtney) who lives in Ohio.His mother dies from some accident and he is left with his dad, Sheriff's Deputy Jackson Lamb(Kyle Chandler). Joe and his pals are making a zombie movie. They are by the train tracks when they see a pick up truck drive onto the tracks and get hit by a train. The train is derailed and it crashes.The kids film some of this and they find some strange cargo on board the train. There are white cubes all over the place. They find the smashed pick up truck and in it is their biology teacher from school. How he is still alive after being hit by a train, I don't know! He warns the kids not to say anything about it or they will be in trouble. The U.S. Air Force swoops in, led by the dangerous Colonel Nelec(Noah Emmerich) and they seal off the area and take everything away, but not before the kids take one of the white cubes.

Strange things happen in the following days and the kids are very curious about what is going on. They film the army as they work. Deputy Lamb asks the Colonel about what is taking place with the train but he gets no answers. People are disappearing around town. Meanwhile, Joe has a crush on a friend of his, Alice(Elle Fanning) but Joe's dad doesn't like it because he blames Alice's dad for the death of his wife. They argue about it. Joe looks at the white cube that came from the train and discovers that it is something alien. It bursts out through his bedroom wall. We find out that there is a monster who escaped from the train and it is loose. It takes Alice. The town is being evacuated by the army and everyone has to leave, but the kids won't go because they need to get Alice back. Deputy Lamb is at the army base and he has to escape as the Colonel tried to stop his asking questions.

The kids break into the local school and get their biology teacher's research. They discover that the monster has come from outer space and it crashed on earth. It was captured and subjected to torture and experiments until it became angry. It turned against its captors and it escaped. The kids get caught by Nelec and he takes them off in his truck but the monster stops the truck and kills Nelec. The kids get away. Deputy Lamb looks for the kids.The army tries to kill the monster, but fail. The kids find the monster living underground and they find Alice who is not hurt. She tells them that the monster just wants to go home. They decide to help it to return to its planet. The monster gathers loads of metal and it rebuilds its ship. It flies away leaving the kids looking after it. End of story.

This film was a mix of Stand By Me and Cloverfield and E.T. I wasn't mad about it. It was okay, but it was more of a homage to old movies than a stand alone film. It is not as good as I thought it would be, so if you want to see a mix of different movies, watch this, but it you are looking for original, don't bother with it. It is getting a 3/10.


KINGRPG said...

It is a very good movie, it's like a detective more than adventure films.

Anonymous said...

Still I have not seen this movie. But this review is interestingly great. Thanks for sharing.

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