Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Yellow Brick Road Movie Review 196

Yellow Brick Road is a 2010 thriller/horror starring Cassidy Freeman, Anessa Ramsey and Laura Heisler. It is directed by Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton who also wrote it.

The movie revolves around a mystery concerning the people of a place called Friar New Hampshire. In 1940, the whole town wandered up into the hills and left everything they owned behind. Some of their bodies were found later but some were never discovered. The area in the hills has been closed off to people for years, but now, a group of mappers are going up there to map it out and maybe solve the mystery too. They take along a local girl with them and they head off. They find the trail and they walk along. They find an old hat and Daryl(Clark Freeman) starts wearing it. Their GPS starts to play up and they wander around and then some eerie old music begins to play from nowhere.

Walter(Alex Draper) is a behavioral Psychologist and he asks all of the team how they are feeling etc and he thinks that they should turn back as everything seems to be turning sinister. Teddy(Michael Laurino) is the leader of the group and he does not want to go home. Instead, they decide to have a party. The next morning, Daryl and Erin(Freeman) fight over the hat.She wants him to take it off and he won't so he kills her. He runs off. Then a piercing sound is played and they all argue about how to get the hell out of there. Daryl is on the loose and nobody is safe. The movie takes a nosedive from here on and descends into rubbish. If you want to see this movie, then do, but it isn't great at all. It started well and went downhill rapidly. I thought that it would be a kind of Blair Witch movie, but it was more like a turkey. This gets a 3/10.


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