Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hells Kitchen, Season 9, Episode 11 and 12

Last week, we said goodbye to Jamie and Carrie and Elise lived to see another day surprisingly. We are down to 7 chefs now.

Episode 11 begins with Chef Ramsay giving them a pep talk. He tells them that they are going to NYC to BLT Steak to see the restaurant.When they arrive, they have to go to all different ethnic restaurants and taste the food. It ends up at BLT Steak and they get to see the kitchen etc. Their challenge is to make an ethnic cuisine. Each person gets one dish to make. The red team wins and they go to the beach. The blue team are pissed that they lost once again. That night, Service begins and Natalie is the first to irritate Chef Ramsay. She can't cook her scallops again!!!He is not impressed with her. Elizabeth starts to have a meltdown in the kitchen and her team try to help her.

Tommy doesn't cook his onion rings properly and gets yelled at(watch video above). Elizabeth continues on her downward spiral and she hands up food which is below par. She gets frazzled and she needs to calm down. She comes back and the others moan about her. Elise hands up her meat and she tries to blame Tommy for her mistake. It is shown on the tape that she lied and Chef Ramsay is not impressed. The blue kitchen are pissed at her for coming over into Tommy's face. She is a liar and a bitch. Natalie is going downhill.All of her fish is returned by the customers. Elisabeth can't cook her fish and she is holding everything up. Elise hands up overcooked and dry meet and she still can't accept responsibility. Elise and Elizabeth are thrown out and Jennifer has to finish up on her own. There is no winner tonight. Each team has to pick one person to leave. The red team pick Elise and the blue team choose Natalie. Natalie gets the boot and rightly so. She started very strongly and she went downhill from there.

Episode 12 begins with Elizabeth telling everyone that she will not have a meltdown again. The others do not believe her. I just can't understand how she is still in the competition.Their challenge is to make a 30,20 and 10 minute entree. Each chef has to pick one. The men win and Elise starts bawling which is really silly. The men go shopping while the ladies have to set up the dining room etc. There is going to be a charity event that night and they have to be on their best behaviour for the v.i.p's who will be coming to stuff their faces. That night, each chef will be in charge of two dishes. They all have to make sure that their plates all go out together and that the food will be perfect.

Paul is first up and he goes mad at Tommy when he doesn't make the salad properly. Elizabeth is first in the red kitchen, but she needs a lot of help from the others. Tommy is making his risotto and Will intervenes and tries to help him. Tommy is not pleased. He has to show them to Chef Ramsay and he has to do them again. He eventually gets it right. Jennifer is doing her dish and Elise is helping by standing around and doing nothing and when she does, she messes it up. They argue and Jennifer tells her she doesn't need her. The men are doing well. Elizabeth has her course ready to early and she annoys Chef Ramsay. Elise is doing her dish and she is acting like a complete cow. She is so bossy.
Tommy is in his own world and he suddenly steps up and gives his team direction for his dish. Chef Ramsay is impressed. Elise is annoyed when her mashed potatoes are tasted by Chef Ramsay and they are not seasoned properly. She blames the other members of her team. So when Jennifer is making her dessert, Elise doesn't cook the fruit properly and Jennifer gets screwed up. She thinks that Elise did it on purpose. Everyone is up for elimination and there are five black jackets for the finalists. Elizabeth gets sent home(watch video above) and I have to agree with that decision as she was not up to the challenge anymore.There are only five left and I am really hoping that Elise will get kicked out very soon!!!


Alexander said...

I really love this show! It`s my favorite !

Anonymous said...

Hell’s Kitchen is really a great food reality show. Lots of new new dishes we can learn through this show.

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