Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hells Kitchen, Season 9, Episode 13 and 14

Last week, we lost Natalie and Elizabeth. So, there are the final five left now.

Episode 13 begins with the final five celebrating. Will thinks that it will be okay to work with Elise. Little does he know what will happen once she starts opening her huge mouth. The chefs have to grab a plate with the name of a dish written on it and they have to make that dish appetising. Chef Ramsay brings in some people to judge the dishes(watch first video above) . Will wins the challenge. He is a good cook and I would be surprised if he was not in the final. Will gets to go to some restaurants and he has to choose a chef to go with him. Unbelievably, he chooses toxic Elise. How could you do that???She is horrible. So, that night, they are told that they are competing against some of the past competitors on Hell's Kitchen. Back come Ben,Jillian, Tennille, Trevor and Van. They are all revved up and ready to show the newbies who is boss... They make their menu. The other group are being dominated by Elise. She can't take anyone else's suggestions into account. She just does what she wants. They are seeing her true colours.

Service begins. Tommy is working with Will who is giving him advice. Elise has to check everything with Paul and it shows her inexperience. Tennille is still not great at cooking and she isn't doing so well.
Her food is coming back to her. Paul's lobster is overcooked. He is battling with Elise who is annoying him. The two teams are very close as they race to finish their service. Jennifer is struggling. She is not performing that well. They finally finish. The winning team is the newbies. They are all delighted.  Jennifer thinks that she is going home and she tells Paul that she has a crush on him.Chef Ramsay tells them that no one deserves to go so they are all safe. When oh when will Elise get her ass kicked out?????

Episode 14 begins with Jennifer being mortified about telling Paul she likes him. He clearly has no interest in her that way and she is embarrassed. The others think that it is a big joke. Their challenge to to cook salmon and the best dish wins. There are some people brought in to judge them. They have to say how much they would pay for the dish and the highest one wins. Paul wins and he gets to have a helicopter ride. He brings Tommy with him. The others have to clean the bar and clean the salmon and prepare it for service. Tommy is helping Jennifer and it is not long before Jennifer crumbles. She cannot communicate at all. She is making Tommy look bad with her blunders. His pasta is raw and it is because Jennifer was rushing him. 

Elise is shouting at Jennifer looking for her times for her dish and Jennifer tells her how long and Elise says no one told her. She is such a liar. Jennifer gives up her risotto in a burnt frying pan which does not go down well. Elise cannot cook her salmon and she ruins piece after piece after piece. She hands it up raw, burnt etc. She is useless. How she is still in Hell's Kitchen amazes me. All the wasted fish is really bad. Tommy asks Jennifer to taste his dish to make sure it is okay and she says it is. She takes it up to the pass and screws Tommy. Tommy tries to help Elise but he gets yelled at by the cow. He can't win.They all get thrown out of the kitchen. Jennifer knows she is going home after her awful performance. Chef Ramsay sends for Paul and Will to come back to the kitchen and leaves the rest. They are pissed. Tommy asks Chef Ramsay why he was kicked out but he gets shouted at.

Bitchy Elise tries to wind Will and Paul around her little finger and it actually works.They are so stupid. She wants them to screw Jennifer and they do. They give Elise exactly what she wants which is a huge mistake. She will screw them just as soon as she can and they will only have themselves to blame. Jennifer is amazed by the backstabbing and she argues with them. Elise makes a smart comment as Jennifer is leaving and Jennifer gives her the finger and tells her to f**k herself(watch second video above). Jennifer did deserve to go home, but Elise is the one who messed up loads of salmon and got another free pass. I am disappointed with this..


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