Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hells Kitchen Season 9 Finale

 So, it has come to the end of Hell's Kitchen for this year and there are four chefs left- Elise, Will, Paul and Tommy. Who will the winner be???Read on...

The final four congratulate each other. Elise is delighted that Will and Paul backed her up last week against Jennifer. She is sure that she is going to win. The contestants get to have their families meet them and chat for a while. Their challenge is to copy a dish of Chef Ramsay's and guess what he used in it. The winner gets to spend the day with their family. Paul wins the challenge. I don't like him much. I think he is a bit of a cocky guy. The others have to move everything in the dorms. They have to clean. Service begins with each of the chefs getting a turn on the pass. Paul goes first. He does well. Next up is Tommy and he isn't good at all. I like Tommy but he isn't great at shouting at people. Someone who is great at shouting and yelling is Elise. She screams at people and annoys everyone.Will takes over and he gets screwed by Elise. She tries to wreck his service. He argues with her and it looks bad. No one talks and his service is terrible, thanks to Elise. So, the time comes to narrow it down to two people and I am delighted to say that Elise gets kicked off, FINALLY!!!!!I was hoping that she would get her ass kicked and she did..Tommy goes home too. He is a good cook, but he has problems with his concentration. So, it is Will and Paul in the final!!!

The two finalists get to cook their food for some judges and there is a huge crowd with both of their families there. Their food is tasted and judged and Will wins the final challenge. Then, they get to pick their teams from the contestants who were kicked off. Will chooses Tommy, Krupa,Natalie and  Jennifer. Paul picks Elise, Carrie, Jonathan and Elizabeth. Will is a little worried about Krupa as she is a bit dizzy.  In Paul's kitchen, Elise starts badly and Paul has to tell her off. Krupa messes up her fish and she is costing Will precious time. Paul is frustrated with Jonathan as he can't cook his meat. He gets pissed off then. Will is really getting annoyed with Krupa. She is screwing everything up for him. Paul is worried about Jonathan and he takes him off the meat station and puts Elise on it. Krupa is replaced on fish by Natalie. Will feels as if he is screwed now.

So the time comes to announce the winner and to my disappointment, the winner is Paul. I wouldn't have picked him. I think that he is a good cook, but not a nice person. He is arrogant and cocky and that puts me off him. I thought that Will was very strong from day 1 and Krupa wrecked his chances of coming out on top. He just had a lousy team and it cost him the win.... That it all from Hell's Kitchen for this year. Hopefully, it won't be too long before there are a new batch of chefs waiting to become winner of Hell's Kitchen..


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