Wednesday, October 12, 2011

American Horror Story, Season 1, Episode 1

American Horror Story is a new horror series created by Ryan Murphy(who was the creator of Nip/Tuck) and Brad Falchuk(who also worked on Nip/Tuck and Glee). It stars Dylan McDermott(from TV show The Practice),Connie Britton(from TV show Spin City), Evan Peters(from TV show Invasion) and Jessica Lange who everyone should know from her numerous movies.

The series begins with a large house. It is old and run down. A young girl stands outside it, staring. Along come two twins who carry baseball bats and who are going to enter the house. She tells them that they are going to die. They ignore her and enter the house and wreck it. Unfortunately, they split up and one of them goes down to the basement(bad move!) and meets his end. The other twin wanders down and he is killed too.Cut to present day and a family are moving into the house. Psychiatrist Ben Harmon(McDermott), his wife Vivian(Britton) and their oddball daughter Violet (Taissa Farmiga). They have a history too. Ben cheated on his wife and she found him with his lady friend in their bed. Vivian had a miscarriage too. They haven't been having sex for more than a year and Vivian is trying to forgive Ben for his infidelity.

 Their neighbour is Constance(Lange) whose daughter is Adelaide, the former little girl who was in the beginning of the show. She tells Vivian that she will die. She is a nuisance and Vivian and Ben don't want her to come into the house without being asked. Constance tells them about the two people who lived in the house before them. They died in an apparent murder/suicide. Vivian wanders around the attic and she finds a kinky leather suit. She and Ben throw it out. A  weird housekeeper called  Moira(Frances Conroy) shows up and offers her services. She has always been the housekeeper in the house and Vivian hires her. The only thing is that Vivian sees her as an old woman and Ben sees her as a young, sexy maid who is coming onto him. Ben is taking his patients in the house and one of them is young Tate(Evan Peters). He is a weirdo and he is talking about his problems with Ben. Tate meets Violet and they get on. Ben isn't happy.

Some really strange things begin to happen in the house such as Vivian having sex with a stranger wearing the leather suit, Ben seeing the maid pleasuring herself, Ben meeting a weird guy who used to live in the house who warns him that it will make him go mad. Ben starts sleepwalking. Tate and Violet are both social outcasts and they scare one of the girls in school who is bullying Violet. Something horrible happens when they lure her to the basement and she is scared out of her mind. Violet is scared too, but Tate seems to be okay with it. There is some weird creature living in the basement and it attacked the girl from school. What is going on???I couldn't tell you, but what I will say is this show is interesting and new. I like it already. The show ends with the shocking news that Vivian is pregnant. Who is the father though? Ben or the person in the leather suit who she thought was her husband????Hmmm. Interesting. I am looking forward to the next episode already!!!!! It is weird and wonderful.....


Shaun said...

What if the person in the leather outfit is a demon, and she is carrying a demon child? The Maid and the neighbor are sisters from what I gathered, or more to the point, they were when they were alive. I haven’t quite figured out where Tate figures into things, or the twins at the beginning, but it seems that there is a lot of strange things going on in this house, and a lot of murders over time, which is mind boggling in itself, but it make for a great show that should run for a good long while. This brings up one bad note to the upcoming month though; on 11/1/11 Directv says it will drop FOX channels in a contract negotiation take down. This would be horrible for Directv fans of American Horror Story with it going into its 5th episode. Working at DISH I have been through take downs before and no matter whose fault it is, the only ones that get the bad taste in their mouth are the customers. This will be unfortunate for Directv customers if this take down happens, but you are more then welcome to watch it on DISH with us.

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