Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 1

Another season of The Walking Dead has begun and it is as good as ever. I was looking forward to this season and it is finally here!

There is a recap of the last season. Then it cuts to Rick(Andrew Lincoln) who is on the walkie talkie telling anyone who is listening that they are heading to Fort Benning. The group heads off but they come across a blockage in the road and they can't get around it. They don't have enough gas to go back so they have to get some from the abandoned cars around. Their Winnebago breaks down and it needs to be fixed. Dale(Jeffrey DeMunn) sets about fixing it. They come upon a water truck and they drink some. Suddenly along comes a horde of walkers and the group have to hide. Andrea(Laurie Holden) is still in the Winnebago, oblivious. She realises when one of the walkers comes into the Winnebago and she has to hide in the toilet. She kills it.

One of the kids makes a noise an the walkers hear it. She runs off and they come after her. Rick creates a diversion and the walkers are disposed of. The kid has disappeared and they search for her.
Lori(Sarah Wayne Callies) finds out that former lover Shane(Jon Bernthal) is thinking of going off on his own.Carol(Melissa McBride) is worried about her daughter and is blaming Rick for her going missing. Rick gives everyone a weapon to defend themselves. Andrea wants her gun but Dale doesn't want to give it to her. The searchers find a church and there are walkers in there. They kill them and they keep searching for the missing kid. Andrea overhears Lori and Shane arguing and she wants to go with Shane. Rick and his son Carl are in the woods looking for the kid Sophia and they see a deer. Carl goes over to it and he is shot through the chest along with the deer.

A very good start to the new season. It is still as good as it was and it will only get better!!! Very good episode. I can't wait for the next one!


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