Monday, November 21, 2011

American Horror Story, Season 1 Episode 3

Episode 3 begins in 1983. The housekeeper, Moira O' Hara(Frances Conroy) is being groped by her boss. He tries to rape her but Constance shoots him and then Moira because he was her husband. Cut to present day and Vivian and Ben are arguing.Vivian wants to leave the house but Ben tells her to wait. Ben thinks that she needs therapy. Marcy(Christine Estabrook) is their estate agent and she tells Vivian that the house will be hard to sell. Vivian insists that she start getting it on the market.

Meanwhile, Constance and Moira are arguing over the past. Ben fires Moira but she won't leave. It turns out that the house is on a horror tour of the area. Ben thinks that Moira has taken his tape recorder and she will not give it to him. He sees her as young and erotic. Hayden shows up and she tells him that she did not have the abortion after all. She is going to move near him and have his baby. She wants money and she wants him to keep her in an apartment. A detective comes to the house and he is looking for a missing patient of Ben's. Cut to olden days and a man called Charles Montgomery builds the house for his wife. Turns out he went mad and experimented on animals in the basement. He also performs illegal abortions.

Ben meets Larry Harvey again. Larry used to live in the house until he went mad and set it on fire. Vivian has a visitor. It is Nora Montgomery(Lily Rabe) who is the wife of Charles Montgomery. She pretends that she is interested in buying the house. Vivian shows her around and Nora becomes very upset when she sees that some of the house has been changed. Then, suddenly, she has gone. Meanwhile, the detective has found Ben's patient and she had Ben's tape recorder on her. Violet is not happy about moving home yet again.
Hayden shows up at the house and is killed by Larry who insists that he did it for Ben. He wants $1,000 in return. Ben builds a gazebo over where he buried her body. Vivian is unaware of all of this and sleeps upstairs with Nora watching over her.....

Another good episode of this new horror series. It reminds me of The Amityville Horror sometimes. There are so many twists and turns, but it is interesting....


Denise @ American Horror Story Fan said...

Good write up. I too am loving the show, it's characters are really good at scaring the hec out of me! Looking forward to seeing what happens with the rubber man tonight.

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