Friday, December 9, 2011

American Horror Story, Season 1, Episode 6

Episode 6 begins in 1994 and Constance opens her front door to a SWAT team. Cut to a school and somebody is shooting at students. There are kids hiding in the library(Columbine, anyone???). Tate is the killer. He is caught by the SWAT team in his bedroom. Cut to Violet who discovers that Tate murdered those kids who were chasing him. She runs off and finds Constance. They talk about Tate. Constance tells Violet that the house is responsible for all of the evil. Constance introduces her to Billie Dean(Sarah Paulson) who is a medium. She tells them that Tate is lost and that he is dead. Violet cannot believe it.

Vivian has a bad dream and calls Luke. Ben comes back and Luke tells him that Hayden has escaped. Violet has a razor and she looks at her wrists. Constance gives Vivian offal to eat for the baby. Ben helps a patient who comes to him after having nightmares about a creature called Hog Man. Ben tries to help by showing him to a mirror. It is said that if a person calls the Hog Man three times, he appears. The patient does so and  Hog Man appears and later, he gets shot by a burglar. Violet talks to Leah and Leah gives her sleeping pills to help her. Ben gets jealous when he sees that Luke and Vivian are getting along well together.

Constance asks Billie to contact Adelaide. She talks to her through Billie. She apologises for everything . Flashback to Tate getting shot by the SWAT team. Violet and Tate talk and he thinks that she doesn't want him around. He tells her that he loves her. They hug and fall asleep on her bed together. Another good episode of this series. I am eagerly awaiting the next one!


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