Friday, December 16, 2011

American Horror Story Season 1, Episode 7 and 8

Episode 7 begins with Constance and Larry together in an attic.Her deformed son lives up there and they kill him.Vivian is told that she is having twins. A prospective buyer looks around the house and Moira flirts with him.He decides that he might be interested in buying the house. Tate catched Violet trying to cut herself with a razor blade. He tells her not to do it. Her parents are worried about her. Larry calls over and bothers Vivian. She tells Ben and he is irritated. He goes to talk to him. Larry tells him that he needs to have the house back. Cut to Larry in the past. He tells his wife that he loves Constance and he wants her to leave. He wants to move Constance in to the house. His wife kills herself and his children. Ben tells Lary about the prospective buyer. 


Flashback to Charles Montgomery and Nora. Her baby is dead but Charles tells her to look in the nursery. It is a mutant that he has put together. Nora tries to kill it as it is horrible. She shoots him and herself. Larry meets Constance in the basement and tells her about the buyer. She goes to see the buyer and tries to persuade him not to. He tells her that he is going to turn it into condos. Ben and Tate discuss Violet. He tells him that he is worried about her. Constance tells Moira about the house being sold. Moira invites the buyer to the house with promises of sex and she leads him down to the basement where he is killed by Larry. Vivian tells Violet that they are going to go and live with her aunt. Violet shows Vivian a picture of Charles and Nora Montgomery and Vivian is astonished to realise that she has met Nora!

Episode 8 begins six months ago. Norah is in the house. She doesn't like it now.She wants her baby. Cut to man in rubber suit. It is Tate! Vivian tells Marcy and Moira about Nora visiting the house. Marcy doesn't believe her but Moira does. Cut to Chad  and Patrick. Chad thinks that Patrick is cheating on him. He goes looking for S&M stuff to spice up their sex life. He buys the rubber suit. He shows it to Patrick who doesn't like it. Hayden talks to Nora and tells her that she is dead. Nora doesn't believe her. Hayden wants to take Vivian's babies and tells Nora that they can have one each. We discover that Tate killed Chad and Pat. Ben finds out that Violet hasn't been to school in weeks. Vivian thinks that she is going mad. Moira tells her to get out of the house to save her sanity. Vivian and Violet go to leave but there are ghosts in their car and they run out of it and back into the house.

Ben finds out that Vivian was planning to leave. Vivian talks to Marcy about the buyer and it turns out that he has vanished. She finds a gun in Marcy's purse and she takes it. She thinks that the rubber man is trying to kill her. She shoots the gun but she shoots Ben by mistake. She is taken away to a mental hospital. Cut to Tate killing Chad and Patrick. Moira is there also! They make the crime scene look like a murder/suicide.


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