Sunday, December 18, 2011

American Horror Story Season 1, Episode 9 and 10

Episode 9 begins in 1947 and with a young woman(Mena Suvari)visiting a dentist who gives her gas and rapes her, but he can't wake her up afterwards. He takes her body down to the basement and meets Charles Montgomery who dismembers her and dumps her where she is found. It turns out that her name is Elizabeth Short a.k.a. The Black Dahlia. Cut to modern day and Travis who is dating Constance has a row with her and he heads off to the store. He meets Hayden on the way and they talk and have sex. Meanwhile, the cops are looking for Hayden. Her sister turns up with them and they question Ben about her disappearance. Hayden suddenly shows up in the house and tells them that everything is fine. She chats to Ben and tells him that she had the abortion.He doesn't realise that she is dead.The Black Dahlia shows up at the house and asks Ben for help. He agrees to help her.

It turns out that Vivian's babies have two different fathers. Constance figures out that Tate is the one who had sex with Vivian in the rubber suit and that he is one of the fathers of her babies. Ben is the other. Ben walks in on Moira and the Black Dahlia having fun on the couch. They want him to join them. He doesn't want to and he sends Black Dahlia away. Cut to the murder of Black Dahlia. Hayden informs her about what happened to her in the house. Vivian is in the mental home and Ben goes to visit her. He is angry with her . Hayden talks to Ben and she still wants him. He doesn't want her. She tells him that Vivian was having sex with Luke, the security guy. Travis and Constance argue and he goes to visit Hayden again. She kills him. He gets cut up by Charles Montgomery like the Black Dahlia. Ben asks Luke over and confronts him about Vivian. He is amused as he is sterile so the baby cannot be his. Ben finally sees Moira as she really is- not a sultry sex kitten but an old hag. Constance asks her medium pal about the baby and she tells her that the baby will be evil!!!!

Episode 10 begins with Constance, Larry, Tate and Adelaide sitting around the dinner table in the house.
It turns out that Larry cheated on his wife with Constance. Tate doesn't like him. He blames Larry for Beau's death. We see that Tate was taking cocaine and he had loads of guns. He went to Larry's workplace and he set him on fire, hence his disfigurement. Ben goes to see Vivian and tells her that he believes her story about the rape. He informs her that the twins have different dads and she's stunned. He wants her back home again.
Ben tries to talk to Violet about her not attending school. Constance goes to see Larry about Travis' death. She thinks that he killed him but he tells her that he didn't. Tate persuades Violet not to go to school. The cops question Constance about Travis' death. Her first husband disappeared as well as her housekeeper(Moira).
They discover a knife in her handbag.

There is a lot of flies in the house and Ben hires an exterminator. He goes into a crawlspace to find the source of the problem and meets Tate who kills him after he sees something horrible. Tate discovers that Ben is thinking of sending Violet away to school. Larry and Travis talk about Constance. Larry meets his dead wife and kids. He tells her he is sorry for leaving her for Constance. She tells him he needs to pay for what he did. Tate tells Violet that she needs to die so that they can be together. She pretends to agree but then runs out of the house. She can't escape. She thinks that she is going mad. Tate takes her to the crawlspace where she sees her own dead body. It turns out that she killed herself by taking pills and he couldn't save her. She is stuck in the house just like him. Larry confesses to Travis' murder and goes to prison. He tells Constance that he is taking the blame because he needs to pay for everything bad he has done. She doesn't care.


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