Wednesday, December 21, 2011

American Horror Story Season 1, Episode 11

This series is getting better and better as it goes along. Episode 11 was an exciting one with plenty happening!
It begins in 1984 and Tate is a young child. He is playing with his truck when he decides to investigate the basement. Something comes out of the shadows and tries to attack him. It is stopped by Nora who tells him that she will always protect him. Cut to modern day and Tate meets Nora once again. She tells him that she wants her baby. He promised her one of Vivian's babies but now he doesn't want to do it because of his love for Violet.Nora plans to take the baby anyway. Ben wants to take Violet away and he drags her out to the car, unaware that she cannot leave the house. Chad and Pat are decorating the nursery, thinking that the babies will be theirs! Tate informs them that they will not have them.

Meanwhile, Violet talks to Constance about Chad and Pat and their plans. Constance is adamant that they will not have anything to do with the babies and she tells them so. Constance brings in Billie, her psychic pal and she advises Violet on the best way to banish Chad and Pat from the house. Ben is at the mental hospital and he collects Vivian. They are all going to Florida to stay with her sister. The doctor tells them that one of the babies is very large and strong and the other is small and weak. He recommends that Vivian not travel but she won't listen. The psychic tells Violet that she needs something from Chad such as jewellery to banish him. Tate gets it from him after they have a fight. Vivian and Ben arrive at the house to collect Violet. Ben goes inside to get her while Vivian waits in the car.

Vivian begins to go into labour in the car. Ben talks to Violet and she tells him that she can't go with them. She tells him that she is dead. He tries to take her with him. Constance sees Vivian going into labour and she brings her back into the house. Vivian has no choice.The evil twins wreck Ben's car so he can't leave.The power and phone are cut off. Charles Montgomery comes to help with the birth and the two dead nurses from an earlier episode assist. Ben is horrified, but he keeps a brave face for Vivian. She gives birth to the first baby but it is stillborn. Nora takes it away. Chad catches Violet trying to banish him and he laughs at her . It doesn't work. He tells her about Tate. He tells her that Tate raped her mother and that Tate killed him and Pat.

The second child is born and it is fine. Vivian is bleeding heavily and she is getting weaker. Constance takes the baby. Hayden wants it too. Ben tries to help Vivian, but it is too late. Charles cannot save her. She dies.
Violet finds Tate and she tells him that her mom is dead. She also lets him know what Chad told her. He is sorry, but she can't forgive him. She blocks him out and closes her eyes. When she opens them, he has gone. Vivian appears as a ghost and she comforts her daughter. This was a very good episode with so much happening. I can't wait to see what will happen next!!!!


Screaming Goregasm said...

I have been so excited for tonight's episode! The previews showed Ben with a gun to his head, so I'm really anxious. Part of me wants him to die, but another part of me doesn't. I think it would be interesting if he did die, leaving his entire family as ghosts, and another family moves in to be tormented by the other inhabitants. Who knows where it will go, though.

Amanda said...

Thanks for your comment. I am wondering what is going to happen too. It is hard to see what Ben will do now that his family are dead and they cant leave the house. Will he kill himself to join them? Will he keep living in the house to be with them? I can't wait to see!!!!

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