Monday, December 19, 2011

A Bay of Blood Movie Review 213

 A Bay of Blood is a 1971 horror movie directed by Mario Bava. It stars Claudine Auger,Luigi Pistilli and Laura Betti. It is also known as Twitch of the Death Nerve or Carnage.

An old woman, Countess Federica lives alone in a large house. She is attacked and hanged by a man. He puts a prepared suicide note on the table. He gets attacked himself and killed. He is Filippo Donati and someone takes him to the bay and throws him in. The cops think that the Countess did away with herself. Nobody realises that Donati has been murdered. Frank Ventura is a real estate agent and he is having a bit of fun with his woman. He wants the house by the bay. A fisherman called Simon and an insect scientist called Paolo discuss the murder of the Countess. A group of young people arrive in the area and they go up to Franks place. They are having a party. Paolo's wife is called Anna and she is a medium. She tells Paolo that there will be bloodshed. Paolo thinks that she is scatter brained.

The young people begin to get killed by an unknown person.  A woman called Renata (Auger) arrives in the area with her husband Albert(Pistilli). They are digging into the death of her father, Filippo Donati. Simon is the illegitimate son of the Countess and he has signed over the house to Frank Ventura. Renata is not happy about this at all. Renata finds the dead body of her father floating in the bay. She is shaken so Albert takes her to Frank's house. Renata goes to the bathroom and sees all of the dead bodies piled up in there. Frank is also there. He has an axe and he goes to kill her. She stabs him with a scissors. Albert finds them and he  is horrified. She tells him what happened. Paolo is killed by Albert because he sees Frank lying on the floor and goes to call the police. Anna is also killed.

Renata wants the house so she goes to get rid of Simon so it will be hers. It also turns out that Frank and his lover Laura got Donati to kill his wife. Donati fell for Laura and wanted to get rid of his wife. Simon and Frank were working together because Frank wants the house and Simon wants money. Laura arrives at the house looking for Frank and she finds him barely alive. He tells her to go and get Simon. She goes to find him but he realises what she did and kills her. Albert finishes Frank off. Renata and Albert are left alive and they go back to their kids who are staying in a caravan. The kids have a shotgun and they kill their parents and run off laughing as they pass the dead bodies!

This was an interesting movie. It is one of the first slashers and there are so many twists and turns that you could get confused. The ending is really weird, I thought. I didn't expect it, though, so it was amusing. I would recommend it if you like Italian horror or a good blood soaked slasher movie! It gets 6/10.


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