Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 6

Episode 6 begins with one of the doctor's group giving live chickens to the walkers to eat. Glenn talks to Maggie about it and she tells him to keep it a secret. Andrea apologises to Daryl for shooting him. Glenn tells Lori to inform Rick about the baby. Carl decides that he wants to carry a gun and he wants Shane to teach him how to use it. Lori is not comfortable with it. Glenn spills his guts to Dale about the walkers and Lori. Dale has a word with Hershel about the walkers and Hershel tells him that he won't kill them. Some of them are family members etc. Lori thanks Hershel for everything and he tells them that they need to leave soon. Lori talks to Rick and tells him that she doesn't want to go. Dale talks to Lori about the baby. Glenn and Maggie go into town for more supplies for Lori. They get attacked and Glenn kills the walker. Maggie has words with Lori when they return. She is shaken by the encounter with a walker.

Andrea and Shane go looking for Sophia. They are confronted by loads of walkers and Andrea has to use her new skills to shoot them with Shane. Lori feels guilty about Maggie and Glenn getting attacked. They were getting her morning after pills. Andrea and Shane have sex.Lori takes the abortion pills but vomits them up. Dale tells Shane to leave as he is getting dangerous. Shane threatens him. Rick finds the abortion pills and he is furious. Lori finally tells him about Shane.


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