Friday, January 27, 2012

Scary Tales Movie Trailer.

Geno McGahee is making a new movie after the success of Family Secret reviewed here. I am looking forward to Scary Tales which will be a horror anthology kind of like The Twilight Zone or Creepshow. There will be five segments and each will be guaranteed to horrify you!!!!!I love low budget horror movies, so I'm looking forward to this one.Take a look at the poster and the trailer and I think you will see that there is something for everyone!It is released in 2012. In the meantime, you can check the progress of the movie on Geno's movie blog- Scared Stiff Reviews.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Djinn Movie Trailer

Djinn is the latest movie from legendary horror director Tobe Hooper.It has been some time since we have had any offering from him and I am looking forward to this movie. Watch the trailer and see what you think. I am hoping that it will be better than the dreadful Mortuary(sorry if you liked it!). Fingers crossed this will bring Hooper back to form!!!Release date is 2012 so we should have more info soon....

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

American Horror Story , Season 1, Episode 12

Sorry it's a bit late, but anyway, episode 12 is the finale of the first season. We left Vivian dead in the last episode and Violet is dead too. Ben is alone and one of the babies died. 

Episode 12 begins with Constance looking after Ben's son. Ben wants to take him, but Constance warns him about going back into the house with him. Ben ignores her and goes in anyway. Vivian is in the house but Ben can't see her. She doesn't want him to stay in the house because of her and Violet. She talks to Moira about it.
He is going to kill himself, but Vivian appears to stop him. She has no choice. Violet appears too and tells him not to do it. They both tell him to leave now with the baby. He tries to leave, but Hayden and other spooks kill him and make it look like a suicide. Ben is reunited with his wife and daughter. Hayden takes the baby with her but Constance gets it back. 

A new couple, Stacey and Miguel Ramos have a look at the house along with their son Gabe. They love it and decide to buy it.Vivian, Ben and Violet want them out as they are planning to have a baby and this would make all the bad things happen again. They scare them so much that they run out of the house. Tate sees Violet talking to Gabe and he tries to kill him, but Violet stops him. The family leave and the house goes back up on the market. Vivian hears the dead baby.She finds him with Norah who had taken him after the birth. She takes him back from her. She asks Moira to be godmother to him and they celebrate Christmas in the house as a family with an evil Hayden and Tate looking on. Three years later and Constance is talking to her hairdresser about her son. His name is Michael and he is a wonderful child. It turns out that Constance took the baby and hid him in her house and he was presumed missing. When she arrives back at the house, there is a trail of blood and the nanny is  missing. She goes upstairs and we find out that Michael is an evil little imp with blood on his hands.....

So that ends this season of American Horror Story. All in all, it was a great season and there is a lot to like about this series. I am looking forward to the second one and I hope that it is as good..... There should be more TV like this and less of the reality crap that we have to endure!!!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Hobbit Movie Trailer

This movie will be huge when it finally comes out at the end of this year. The Hobbit is a prequel of sorts to Lord of the Rings and it promises to be as good as those movies were. Martin Freeman from The Office UK stars as Bilbo Baggins and all of the familiar faces are back too.I am looking forward to this, having read the book years ago. Of course, this is only part one and there will be more Hobbit movies down the line. What a surprise!!! Have a look at the trailer and see what is to come...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blood Thirst Movie Review 218

Blood Thirst is a 1971 horror movie directed by Newt Arnold and starring nobody you would know really.
It was supposedly filmed in the 60's but it didn't come out until the 70's.

The movie begins with a young girl being murdered and hung upside down, her body drained of blood. Homicide detective, Adam Rourke(Robert Winston) is from New York but he has come to The Philippines or Manila to be exact, to help his pal, Captain Ramos(Vic Diaz) with the crimes. Adam pretends to be a writer and he goes to a nightclub where the dead girl used to work. The nightclub is called The Barrio Club. He thinks it might be a blood cult. He meets Ramos' sister, Sylvia. She has lived in London so she is well spoken and has an English accent. He pokes around and tries to find out stuff about the guy who owns the club. His name is Calderon.

Someone tries to kill Adam, but he shoots him first. He meets Sylvia again and they kiss. She then slaps him.
He sees a young girl who has finished work at the nightclub. She is walking home alone and she gets attacked. He doesn't see that, though.Adam returns to the club and he is captivated by a seductive belly dancer called Serena(Yvonne Nielson). She is beautiful and he can't take his eyes off of her. He talks to her and she tells him about Calderon. He can turn nasty. Everything gets confusing and the story is that Serena is a goddess who needs human blood to keep her young and beautiful. Calderon goes around getting victims for her and giving the blood to Serena. Adam discovers this and he tries to stop them. He does eventually, killing Serena and her killing pal, Calderon. Adam goes back home, but not before kissing Sylvia once more.

This movie is a mess. It is so cheaply made that you know it isn't going to be good. It is in the 'so bad it's good' category, but the confusing story and terrible acting make it a bit tedious at times. The killer is so cartoonish and silly that he is not scary at all. Watch this at your peril!!!! I am giving it a 2/10.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark 2011 Movie Review 217

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark is a 2011 horror movie remake of the 1973 made for TV movie of the same name.It is directed by Troy Nixey and written by Guillermo del Toro. It stars Guy Pearce, Katie Holmes and Bailee Madison.

The film begins with a man called Lord Blackwood. He is living in a huge house but he has a maid with him. He calls her down to the basement where he is working and kills her. He knocks out her teeth and puts them on a plate into some sort of fireplace as an offering. There is something down there and he begs them to give him back his son, but he is dragged down into the pit instead. Cut to present day and a young girl called Sally(Madison) is greeted by her dad Alex(Pearce) and his girlfriend Kim(Holmes). Sally has been dumped on her father by her flaky mother and she is taking some pills for ADHD. She is not very nice to Kim and she wants to go home to her mother. Alex and Kim are renovating the Blackwood house and then they are going to sell it on. The house is huge and Sally is shown to her room. The next day, Sally finds a hidden basement and they all go down into it, despite the warning of a workman, Mr. Harris.

They look around and Sally hears voices from the old fireplace. They know her name. When Alex and Kim aren't around, she opens the old fireplace and lets the creatures in it out. She thinks that they want to be friends. It soon becomes obvious that they are no friends of Sally's. They cause mischief for her and they wander through the house. They steal a razor blade and shred Kim's clothes. Alex thinks that it is Sally and he reprimands her. Sally gets caught at the fireplace by Mr. Harris and he tries to seal it. The creatures are out and they attack him and put him in hospital. Kim begins to wonder about what Sally is telling her. Sally seems so sure that the creatures are real. She goes to see Mr. Harris and he tells her to go to the library and see pictures painted by Lord Blackwood. In them, there are little creatures running around and they want humans to join them in the darkness.

So, Kim starts to believe Sally, but Alex doesn't until he sees them himself and then all hell breaks loose in the house. The creatures take over and cut the lights. They hate light and it sends them running away so Sally has to fight them off with a torch. They get her, though and drag her to the fireplace, intending to bring her with them, but Kim gets in the way and saves Sally. She gets pulled into the fireplace and she is gone. Alex and Sally leave the house. They come back a while later and Sally leaves a picture of Kim in the house. It is blown along by a draught in the house down to the basement where Kim is in the fireplace along with the creatures. They are all waiting for the next victim. Kim tells them they have all the time in the world....

Firstly, I didn't like the fact that they introduced a kid into the story. I thought that this was cliched and done to death! It took away from the story. Secondly I didn't like Katie Holmes in this at all. Talk about bad acting! Horror movies are not known for their great actors, but she is just so bland and uninteresting in this.The creatures were the only thing I did like in it. They were scary and well done, but as for everything else, it wasn't great.Changing the story made this into a run of the mill horror movie where clever kid sees something spooky and draws pictures of it etc etc. It irritated me. Watch the original if you haven't seen it. It is better than this, I promise you. This gets a 3/10.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Snow Beast Movie Review 216

Snow Beast is a 2011 horror movie directed by Brian Brough. It is a remake of the 1977 movie of the same name. It stars John Schneider(from Dukes of Hazzard), Jason London and Kari Hawker.

The movie begins with a snowboarder being watched by someone or something. It is a Yeti or Snowbeast. It kills him.Cut to Jim Harwood(Schneider) has come to Canada with his daughter, Emmy(Danielle Chuchran). He is researching animals. They are staying in a house in the mountains. He has colleagues with him, namely Rob(Paul D. Hunt) and Marci(Hawker). Emmy is annoyed because her mother left them and she has to stay with her dad. She is moody and irritating. A forest ranger called Barry(London) is sure that there is something wrong in the area as people are disappearing and he looks into it. Meanwhile, Snowbeast is slicing and dicing his way through some more victims.

Marci and Emmy see huge tracks in the snow. Rob hears strange animal noises in the night. They all talk about
the tracks and they wonder what it is. Jim goes out for firewood and Snowbeast is outside waiting. That night, it gets closer while they sleep. They all hear it during the night. The next morning, their snow mobile has been thrashed. Marci goes to Barry and tells him about it. Barry goes to see if there is anything around. He meets Snowbeast and that is the end of poor Barry!! As Snowbeast gets closer to Jim and the others, they have to try and find a way to escape or defend themselves against it...

This movie isn't that good, being honest. It is passable for an afternoon, but don't rush out and get it. It keeps you entertained but you will forget it soon after! This gets a 4/10.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol Movie Review 215

Tom Cruise is back with a bang in the new Mission Impossible movie. This is the fourth film in the series and it was released in December 2011. Along with Cruise star Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg as the quirky British guy. The actions starts with an IMF agent, Trevor Hanaway played by Josh Holloway who played Sawyer in TV series Lost! He is shot and killed by a beautiful assassin called Sabine Moreau-the lovely Lea Seydoux. Hanaway was working with Jane Carter played by Paula Patton and Benji Dunn played by Simon Pegg.Ethan Hunt- Cruise- is in a prison in Budapest and is broken out. His mission is to get some Russian nuclear missile codes before someone else can. But, the problem is that there is someone there and they get the codes before Ethan and his team can. They blow up part of the Kremlin and Hunt and his team are blamed for it by the Russians.

You can see where the plot is going. Basically, IMF is shut down, Hunt and the others are on the run. They have to stop a terrorist from getting the codes and the mission begins. They are joined by William Brandt played by Jeremy Renner who is a former IMF agent and together they have to work to stop the terrorist- Hendricks- played by Michael Nyqvist. There are explosions, car chases, sand storms, disguises etc etc. This is Tom Cruise at his best and he really carries the movie. The others are good backup for him, but it is his gig. He is great as the lead in this and there is so much action in it, that you will not be bored at all. I thought that it was much better than the third offering and if you like action movies, then this is for you. Tom Cruise really does great in this film and there is the lovely Lea Seydoux to look at too! I recommend this for anyone and the only thing I didn't like was the fact that it was PG.....Come on and make more movies for adults only please!!!  

Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol- 7/10

Monday, January 2, 2012

Return to Horror High Movie Review 214


 Return to Horror High is a 1987 horror movie starring George Clooney and Maureen McCormick. It has comedy elements to it as well. It is directed by Bill Froehlich.

In 1982, a series of brutal murders rocked Crippen High School. The killer was never caught. Three months ago, Cosmic pictures go to the high school to make a movie about the killings. They are not alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The movie begins with the cops finding bodies. The bodies have been chopped up and there is only one survivor.. One of the cops, Officer Tyler(McCormick) is on the case. It turns out that it is part of the movie that is being made in the school. It turns out that someone is killing people for real and the members of the cast are beginning to disappear. Someone is cleaning up after the murders too. The survivor tells the cops what happened inside the school. People began dropping like flies.

Two of the cast Kelly and Steven are chased by the killer. They find bodies and they meet the weird janitor, Amos. He tells them that the principal is responsible for the killings. He then tries to kill them. They find out that he was the principal, Kastleman, was using make up and Amos isn't real. He was walking the halls spying on them. Steven kills him with a javelin. The survivor tells the cops that Kelly and Steven never made it out.
The cops go inside and find Kastleman and all hell breaks loose. This movie was confusing because there were so many things happening. I found that I had to make sure I was following the story or I would get lost...I wasn't mad about it so I am giving it a 5/10.
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