Tuesday, January 24, 2012

American Horror Story , Season 1, Episode 12

Sorry it's a bit late, but anyway, episode 12 is the finale of the first season. We left Vivian dead in the last episode and Violet is dead too. Ben is alone and one of the babies died. 

Episode 12 begins with Constance looking after Ben's son. Ben wants to take him, but Constance warns him about going back into the house with him. Ben ignores her and goes in anyway. Vivian is in the house but Ben can't see her. She doesn't want him to stay in the house because of her and Violet. She talks to Moira about it.
He is going to kill himself, but Vivian appears to stop him. She has no choice. Violet appears too and tells him not to do it. They both tell him to leave now with the baby. He tries to leave, but Hayden and other spooks kill him and make it look like a suicide. Ben is reunited with his wife and daughter. Hayden takes the baby with her but Constance gets it back. 

A new couple, Stacey and Miguel Ramos have a look at the house along with their son Gabe. They love it and decide to buy it.Vivian, Ben and Violet want them out as they are planning to have a baby and this would make all the bad things happen again. They scare them so much that they run out of the house. Tate sees Violet talking to Gabe and he tries to kill him, but Violet stops him. The family leave and the house goes back up on the market. Vivian hears the dead baby.She finds him with Norah who had taken him after the birth. She takes him back from her. She asks Moira to be godmother to him and they celebrate Christmas in the house as a family with an evil Hayden and Tate looking on. Three years later and Constance is talking to her hairdresser about her son. His name is Michael and he is a wonderful child. It turns out that Constance took the baby and hid him in her house and he was presumed missing. When she arrives back at the house, there is a trail of blood and the nanny is  missing. She goes upstairs and we find out that Michael is an evil little imp with blood on his hands.....

So that ends this season of American Horror Story. All in all, it was a great season and there is a lot to like about this series. I am looking forward to the second one and I hope that it is as good..... There should be more TV like this and less of the reality crap that we have to endure!!!!!


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