Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blood Thirst Movie Review 218

Blood Thirst is a 1971 horror movie directed by Newt Arnold and starring nobody you would know really.
It was supposedly filmed in the 60's but it didn't come out until the 70's.

The movie begins with a young girl being murdered and hung upside down, her body drained of blood. Homicide detective, Adam Rourke(Robert Winston) is from New York but he has come to The Philippines or Manila to be exact, to help his pal, Captain Ramos(Vic Diaz) with the crimes. Adam pretends to be a writer and he goes to a nightclub where the dead girl used to work. The nightclub is called The Barrio Club. He thinks it might be a blood cult. He meets Ramos' sister, Sylvia. She has lived in London so she is well spoken and has an English accent. He pokes around and tries to find out stuff about the guy who owns the club. His name is Calderon.

Someone tries to kill Adam, but he shoots him first. He meets Sylvia again and they kiss. She then slaps him.
He sees a young girl who has finished work at the nightclub. She is walking home alone and she gets attacked. He doesn't see that, though.Adam returns to the club and he is captivated by a seductive belly dancer called Serena(Yvonne Nielson). She is beautiful and he can't take his eyes off of her. He talks to her and she tells him about Calderon. He can turn nasty. Everything gets confusing and the story is that Serena is a goddess who needs human blood to keep her young and beautiful. Calderon goes around getting victims for her and giving the blood to Serena. Adam discovers this and he tries to stop them. He does eventually, killing Serena and her killing pal, Calderon. Adam goes back home, but not before kissing Sylvia once more.

This movie is a mess. It is so cheaply made that you know it isn't going to be good. It is in the 'so bad it's good' category, but the confusing story and terrible acting make it a bit tedious at times. The killer is so cartoonish and silly that he is not scary at all. Watch this at your peril!!!! I am giving it a 2/10.


Susan Leighton said...

So, it is an Elizabeth Bathory story. Apparently not executed very well. Sounds rather ridiculous & laughable. Good review, Jigs.

Amanda said...

Thanks Susan.It was awful and there was nothing to redeem this film.Forgettable and silly!

John Nada said...

Saved again. Thank you Jigsaw. I am going to stay clear of this one.

Amanda said...

You're welcome John.This was a stinker, unfortunately.Don't waste your time with it!!!

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