Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol Movie Review 215

Tom Cruise is back with a bang in the new Mission Impossible movie. This is the fourth film in the series and it was released in December 2011. Along with Cruise star Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg as the quirky British guy. The actions starts with an IMF agent, Trevor Hanaway played by Josh Holloway who played Sawyer in TV series Lost! He is shot and killed by a beautiful assassin called Sabine Moreau-the lovely Lea Seydoux. Hanaway was working with Jane Carter played by Paula Patton and Benji Dunn played by Simon Pegg.Ethan Hunt- Cruise- is in a prison in Budapest and is broken out. His mission is to get some Russian nuclear missile codes before someone else can. But, the problem is that there is someone there and they get the codes before Ethan and his team can. They blow up part of the Kremlin and Hunt and his team are blamed for it by the Russians.

You can see where the plot is going. Basically, IMF is shut down, Hunt and the others are on the run. They have to stop a terrorist from getting the codes and the mission begins. They are joined by William Brandt played by Jeremy Renner who is a former IMF agent and together they have to work to stop the terrorist- Hendricks- played by Michael Nyqvist. There are explosions, car chases, sand storms, disguises etc etc. This is Tom Cruise at his best and he really carries the movie. The others are good backup for him, but it is his gig. He is great as the lead in this and there is so much action in it, that you will not be bored at all. I thought that it was much better than the third offering and if you like action movies, then this is for you. Tom Cruise really does great in this film and there is the lovely Lea Seydoux to look at too! I recommend this for anyone and the only thing I didn't like was the fact that it was PG.....Come on and make more movies for adults only please!!!  

Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol- 7/10


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