Saturday, February 11, 2012

Rosewood Lane Movie Review 222

Rosewood Lane is a 2010 thriller/horror movie directed by Victor Salva who also directed Jeepers Creepers and Clownhouse. It stars Rose McGowan, Ray Wise and Lesley Ann Down.

Sonny Blake(McGowan) is a radio psychiatrist and she learns that her father had died. He fell down the stairs to the basement in his house. She decides to move into his house and she meets her weird neighbour Fred. He warns her about the paperboy who is cycling around staring at her. His name is Cam(played by Daniel Ross Owens) and he calls to her house offering her some deal to get the paper. She refuses, not liking him. He is a weirdo.(note here- the actor who plays Cam is at least twenty something and this movie is supposed to be about a paper BOY. He looks way too old to have a paper round. I read that the director was accused of sex with a minor and he couldn't work with kids, but he could have found a young looking actor instead of the guy they got)Sonny finds herself being targeted by Cam as he runs around and tries to frighten her and recites nursery rhymes at her.

Needless to say, the cops don't believe her as they can't find the paperboy and they think that she is imagining it. She has to fight him along with her boyfriend, Barrett. Cam starts to dispose of her friends and Barrett goes missing too. He killed her dad it turns out.She has to fight the paperboy alone and she doesn't know how to start. So, I will not ruin the ending but if you decide to watch this movie I have a few warnings for you. Firstly, Rose McGowan looks like a mess here. Her lips are stretched and her face is so different to what it was before. I know that she had plastic surgery because of an accident, but she looks horrific here. Her looks alone were more frightening than the movie!Ray Wise tries his best in this movie, but he is just wasted here. Bill Fagerbakke(Dauber from TV series Coach) has a brief role.

This movie is rubbish and I have seen some crap but this takes the prize for one of the worst movies ever. We have McGowan's lips which disturb me, we have an old paperboy who just rides around laughing and reciting nursery rhymes. We have her boyfriend who goes missing and is never heard from again even though they know that the paperboy killed him.The twist ending is lame and I saw it coming .The cops don't want to help until it's too late and Sonny is one of the most irritating female characters ever. She stays in the house alone even though there is a maniac on the loose. What the hell?My problem with this film is the age of the paperboy. Why didn't the director change it to a delivery man or something like that instead of a paperboy kid? If he knew he couldn't have a kid in the role, why didn't he change it? It baffles me....Avoid this at all costs unless you want to suffer....It is getting a 1/10 and that's because Ray Wise was in it!


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