Monday, February 27, 2012

The Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 8

 It's back!!!The last time we saw Rick and company, they were shooting all of the walkers in Hershel's barn. Sophia, the missing child, was one of them and Rick had to shoot her.

The new episode begins with the group in shock. Rick is feeling bad for shooting Sophia, but he had no choice.Hershel is annoyed with them and he wants them off his land. Carol is very upset by the death of her daughter.Shane wonders if Hershel and his group knew that Sophia was in the barn all along and let them go off and risk their lives looking for her. They deny it. Rick and the group have to bury Sophia and Hershel's family and then burn the rest. Carol can't bring herself to watch her daughter being buried. Shane tells everyone that he did what had to be done. Andrea and T-Dog agree with him. Do- gooder Dale doesn't and he tries to tell Laurie that Shane is dangerous and that he believes Shane sacrificed Otis to save himself.

 One of the girls, Beth collapses and goes into shock. Rick looks for Hershel but he is nowhere to be found.
Glenn and Rick go to look for him at a local bar. Shane apologises to Carol for what happened to Sophia.
Glenn tells Rick he loves Maggie and that she loves him too. They find Hershel drinking in a bar. He tells them that he has lost all hope. He realises now that there is no cure for the walkers and that everything is lost.
Rick talks him around and when he hears about Beth he decides to come back and help her. Before they can leave, two strangers walk into the bar. They seem friendly, but when they start asking too many questions, Rick and Hershel get suspicious. Glenn tells them about the farm and they want to go there. Rick tells them that there is no room and things get nasty. Rick shoots the two of them.

A good episode with a good ending. I thought that there would be two more survivors added to the cast and when Rick shot them, it was a surprise. It is a great show and I am looking forward to more!


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