Sunday, March 18, 2012

Road Games Movie Review 229

 Road Games is an 1981 Australian thriller staring Stacy Keach and Jamie Lee Curtis. It is directed by Richard Franklin who also did the fantastic Psycho 2 which is one of my all time favourite movies.

Pat Quid(Keach) is a long distance haulier who drives around in his huge truck with his pet dingo, Buzzy. He is driving a trailer full of meat to Perth when he sees a weird guy in a green van acting suspiciously. He sees him check into a motel with a girl and the next morning, he sees him driving in his van alone and he looks weird.He hears on the news that there is a serial killer on the loose and he thinks that the guy in the van is him. He starts to keep an eye on him, but the problem is that the man in the van is starting to keep an eye on Pat too and this makes him edgy. He calls the cops and tells them what he thinks, but they don't show any interest. He gets mad when the guy hurts his dingo and he chases after him. He loses him and manages to pick up a hitchhiker(Curtis).They talk about the killer.

The cops follow him and they tell him that he is under suspicion because he used his name to get a room in the motel last night. Pat tries to explain that he is being framed, but they are still wary of him. Hitch(Curtis) and Pat drive along and when they stop for a rest, they notice the green van is there too. They stop at a truck stop the next day and the green van is there. It is empty. Pat goes into the bathroom to find the guy but he ends up scaring a tourist. Hitch looks inside the van while Pat is gone and the killer is in the back and he kidnaps her.
Pat comes out and knows that the killer has Hitch. Then he begins to wonder if he was right about the guy. Maybe she went with him for money or for sex. He begins to doubt himself. Maybe she wanted to go. His tiredness clouds his thoughts.

He sees the green van again and he chases it. The cops are after him and they all chase after each other.
Pat ends up crashing his truck and he chases the killer on foot. They face off and fight. The cops take him and arrest him for the murders. He tries to explain that it is the other guy. Buzzy leads the cops to the van where Hitch is and she tells them the truth. She is happy to see Pat and he is glad to see her. The movie ends with Pat, Hitch and Buzzy walking along in the sunshine while a human head is found in the meat trailer letting us know that the killer hid human body parts in Pat's trailer and that was why he was after Pat all along.

This is a very good thriller. Keach is very good as the trucker and it is an action packed, interesting movie. I would highly recommend it. It gets a solid 7/10.


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