Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sweet Sixteen Movie Review 230

Sweet Sixteen is a 1983 movie starring Bo Hopkins,Susan Strasberg and Patrick Macnee. It is directed by 

The movie begins with a Native American called Greyfeather( Henry Wilcoxon) going into a local bar and the locals start to give him hassle until his grandson, Jason(Don Shanks) comes in and there is a huge fight.
Jason takes his grandad out of the bar and while he is in the parking lot he gets chatted up by a young woman.
He tells her that he isn't interested and she isn't pleased. She meets a local teen called Johnny and she gets into his truck and he takes her to local Indian burial ground. She wants to leave as she is nervous so they do. Her name is Melissa(Aleisa Shirley) and her dad is Dr. John Morgan(Mcnee) who is working on a local archaeological dig with Jason. She will be turning sixteen next week(hence the title of the movie!). Johnny gets killed on his way home. Johnny's pal, Hank(Steve Antin) is talking to his dad, Sheriff Dan Burke(Hopkins) about it. Hank's sister Marci( Dana Kimmell) is a bit of a detective too so she wonders what happened to Johnny.

Johnny, Dan and Marci go out to where Johnny's truck was found and Marci discovers Johnny's bloody corpse. Dan finds out that Melissa was the last one to see Johnny alive so he questions her. She tells them about her meeting with Jason in the parking lot and she says that he grabbed her. Jason denies it. Melissa's mother is Joanne Morgan(Strasberg) and she grew up in the town. She is planning a huge party for her daughter's 16th birthday. Meanwhile, Melissa meets another young man and she agrees to meet him later. When she turns up, he is already dead and Greyfeather is nearby. The townsfolk are starting to blame the Native Americans for the killings, even though Dan warns them not to. Greyfeather ends up dead, killed by the locals in a revenge attack.

Dan has no choice but to arrest Jason when missing knives used in an attack are found in his house. He escapes from jail and he ends up meeting two locals who attack him. While this is going on, Melissa and Hank are having a swim and the two locals chase Melissa. Hank tries to find her.Melissa is being attacked when Marci sees her. She has wandered into the woods and sees what is going on. Suddenly, she is attacked by the killer. Who is it???Why it is Joanne Morgan, Melissa's mother! There is some silly reason why she has gone off the deep end but I can't be bothered to write about it. Her mother stabs herself and everything is fine. Or is it? The movie ends with Melissa wielding a knife. Has she gone nuts too????

This is a very mediocre horror movie. It is dull in parts and I wasn't mad about it. It is okay to pass some time if you are bored, but I wouldn't be watching this again. The cast wasn't bad, but I think that the movie was just poor. It  gets a 4/10.


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