Thursday, March 29, 2012

Torso Movie Review 231

Torso is a 1973 Italian horror movie in the giallo fashion. It is directed by Sergio Martino and it stars Suzy Kendall( The Bird with the Crystal Plumage).

The movie begins on a college campus. Jane(Kendall) and her pal Dani are hanging out together. Dani is getting some unwanted attention from Stefano who likes her a bit too much. One of their college pals,Florence and her boyfriend are making out in their car when someone shows up making noise. Her boyfriend goes to investigate and doesn't return. Florence gets attacked by a masked man. The next day, the cops are investigating the death at the college. Jane and her friends are shocked and upset. Carol, a pal of Jane's gets killed by the same killer after running out of a party. He pokes her eyes out. The killer uses a scarf to strangle his victims and the cops go to the college students and ask them if they have seen anyone wearing one. Dani thinks that she can vaguely remember the scarf from somewhere but it doesn't come to her.

Dani gets a phone call telling her to keep quiet about the scarf or else. Her uncle tells her that she should go to the country to relax with her friends. Dani remembers that Stefano had a scarf like the one the cops had and she thinks that it might be him. She tells Jane and Jane goes to talk to Stefano but he isn't around. The friends go to the country where Dani's uncle has a villa. The problem is the killer has arrived there too and he is waiting to get the girls!!!It becomes a game of cat and mouse as the killer picks the girls off one by one until
Jane is the only one left alive. The killer slaughters all of her friends and he leaves but he realises that she is there and they have a standoff. Jane locks herself into a room. The local doctor had called earlier as Jane hurt her ankle and he comes back to check on her but she can't answer the front door. He comes upon the killer and they fight. The killer is revealed as Jane's professor at college. He has some serious problems and he wants to kill Jane and the doctor. The doctor manages to overpower him and he falls. The professor is killed and Jane and the doctor go to get the police.

This is an entertaining giallo movie and there is some blood and gore as you would expect. There is a good story and I liked it a lot. I would certainly recommend it to anyone who enjoys the Italian horror genre.It gets a 7/10.


Susan Leighton said...

I saw this movie years ago. It clicked when you mentioned the scarf. It is gory but in a fun way. Spot on review!

Amanda said...

Thanks! It was an entertaining movie.I must watch it again soon!

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