Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 10

Episode 10 begins with Rick and Shane trying to get away from the walkers. Cut back to Rick and Shane talking about Otis and what happened. Rick figures out that Shane left Otis behind. Rick tells Shane that the baby is his and Laurie is his wife. He tells him that that won't change. He tells him that he will protect them any way he can. He wants to make plans for the coming winter. They have Randall in the boot of their car. They are trying to think of what to do with him. Rick tells Shane that he thinks they should use knives to kill the walkers to save ammo. They haul Randall from the car and are going to dump him when he tells them that he used to go to school with Maggie who is part of their group.

Shane wants to kill him but Rick stops him. They argue over him and then get into a fist fight. That brings on the walkers and the place is overrun with them. Shane is chased by them. Randall is tied up on the ground. There is a knife near him and he tries to get it. Shane gets stuck inside a schoolbus and it is packed outside with walkers. He has a knife and things are looking pretty bleak for him. Randall gets free and meets Rick. They see Shane inside the bus and Randall urges him to go with him and leave Shane. Rick goes but he finds the bodies of two cops and he thinks of Shane, his friend. He goes back and manages to save Shane. They get away and Rick tells him that he needs him to back him up as leader of the group. They put Randall back in the boot and go home.

A good episode mostly. There is a split coming and I think that the newcomer Randall is not as innocent as he seems. I think that he will cause trouble. That's my opinion!


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