Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 11

We left Rick and Shane driving back to the house with Randall in the boot in the last episode. Episode 11 begins with  Daryl interrogating Randall and giving him a good hiding. Randall tells him that there is around 30 people in the group and that some of the guys in the group went around raping girls. He begs Daryl for mercy. Rick decides that the best thing to do is to kill him. He could lead his group back to the farm otherwise and all hell would break loose. Dale thinks that they shouldn't do it and goes around trying to convince everyone in the group to show mercy to Randall. Shane talks to Andrea about taking charge of the group and overthrowing Rick as the leader. Randall listens to this conversation. Carl goes into the barn and talks to Randall and when Shane catches him, he is furious. Carl takes Daryl's gun and runs into the woods and finds a walker who he teases as the walker is stuck in the mud. The walker gets loose and Carl drops the gun and runs home, telling nobody about the gun.

Dale is on his misson of mercy trying to get people to agree with him about Randall. They all have a meeting and most people agree with Rick about killing Randall. Dale freaks out and gives a speech about humanity. Rick, Daryl and Shane are going to execute Randall when Carl shows up and messes everything up. Rick then decides to spare Randall. Dale gets attacked by a walker and he is almost dead. Daryl has to shoot him in the head which he does. Carl realises that this is the same walker he was teasing earlier and he could have shot him but he didn't.This episode was not too bad. I have to say that I never really liked the character of Dale and he irritated me in this episode. Randall is a danger to the group and as such, he should have been killed to protect everyone, but Rick couldn't stand up and make the decision. He let himself be weak once again. I have a feeling that there will be a showdown between Shane and Rick and I don't see Shane lasting much longer in the series. I hope that I am wrong!!!


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