Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 12

Last episode, Dale was killed by a rogue walker and Carl felt guilty because he had the chance to kill the walker earlier.

This week, the group bury Dale. Then they all get ready for more walkers to come. They think that there will be more walkers and they need to move into the house together. They are going to lock down everything. Rick and Shane have another argument and Rick asks Andrea to keep an eye on him. Carl tells Shane what happened with the gun and he gives it to him. Lori talks to Shane about everything and she tells him that she is sorry for everything that went wrong between them. She thanks him for saving her life when the zombies first attacked. Glenn is upset over Dale. Shane gives Rick the gun and tells him that Carl had it. Rick talks to Carl and he tells him to hang on to the gun for protection. Meanwhile, Shane goes into the barn to the prisoner Randall and he releases him and takes him into the woods. He breaks his neck and leaves him there.

The others realise that Randall has gone and assume he found some way out. Shane hits his nose against a tree to break it and make it seem as if he was after Randall and Randall jumped him. He comes back to the farm and tells them that Randall escaped and he is in the woods. Rick and Shane pair up and go to look for him. Daryl and Glenn go too and they find evidence that Shane killed Randall. Randall has turned into a walker and he attacks them. They kill him. Rick is beginning to have doubts about Shane's story and he realises that Shane has brought him into the woods to kill him. Rick kills Shane instead and when he is upset, Shane comes back as a walker and Carl shoots him with the gun his dad gave him. The episode ends with a huge number of walkers coming to the farm...

Good episode. Obviously, I am disappointed that Shane has gone. I liked the character and I thought that it was good to have a dissenting voice in the group. Hopefully, they can come up with another character as good.


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