Monday, March 26, 2012

The Walking Dead, Season Two Finale!!!

 Last episode, Rick killed Shane in a confrontation between the two. Then Carl had to shoot him when Shane turned into a walker. But, why did he and Randall turn when they weren't bitten???

This week, the walkers edge closer to the farm. Rick sees them at the last minute and everyone else gets ready for battle. The walkers take over the farm and they kill Jimmy and Patricia. Hershel defends the farm but the walkers are coming closer and he has to move away from his home. Rick and Carl get stuck in the barn and they have no choice but to set it alight and escape onto the roof. The walkers burn and Carl and Rick get rescued when they jump onto the Winnebago. Carol gets cornered by the walkers, but is saved by Andrea. Andrea gets caught by a large group of walkers, but escapes through the woods, chased by them. The group are running low on ammo and they have to get away from the farm. Glenn and Maggie jump into a car and drive away. Daryl picks up Carol and they leave. Rick, Carl and Hershel leave not knowing where Lori is. Lori is with Beth and T-Dog.

Andrea finds herself out of ammo in the woods and the walkers keep coming. Suddenly, when all hope is lost, a mysterious hooded figure with two armless walkers on a chain(who is Michonne but we don't know that yet!) and the figure saves her.Cut back to Rick, Carl and Hershel who go back to the spot on the highway where they were waiting for Sophia in previous episodes. They think that the others will come to the spot which they do. Everyone is reunited, except for Andrea. They drive on regardless and then run out of gas. They have to make a camp. People seem to be doubting Rick's leadership and he tells them that if they want to step up and do it, they can. Nobody does so he tells them from now on, what he says goes. He also tells them that Jenner( in the end of season one in the CDC, Jenner whispered something to Rick) told him that everyone is infected and that it why Shane and Randall turned into walkers without being bitten. The group are stunned. He tells Lori what happened with Shane and she is horrified and disgusted with him. The group don't realise that they are camped next to a large prison....

All in all, this was a good season. I liked the episodes. The only thing that annoyed me was the eternal love triangle with Rick, Shane and Lori. Lori's character leaves me irritated. I just don't like her at all and I can't  root for her. Rick is still a weak leader, but he is showing some signs of being tough which he should have been from day one. It is good that the group are moving away from the farm as it was getting a bit mundane, so now, there will be a whole new adventure in season three, which I am really looking forward to. This series is well made and it has kept me eagerly watching every week. Bring on season 3!!!!


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