Monday, April 16, 2012

April Fool's Day Movie Review 235

April Fools Day is a 1986 horror movie directed by Fred Walton who also did When A Stranger Calls which is a great movie. It stars Deborah Foreman, Ken Olandt,Griffin O' Neal, Thomas F. Wilson(Biff from the Back to the Future movies!) and Tom  Heaton.

A group of college friends are going to the house of Muffy St.John(Foreman) for Spring Break. They are going to party and have a great time. They all know Muffy in some way. Muffy is getting the house ready and we wonder if she has some tricks in mind for them. She pulls out an old jack in the box and it brings back childhood memories for her. The friends go on a ferry over to the island where Muffy lives. They have a guy called Skip (O 'Neal)with them too. They are messing around on the ferry when one of the crew members gets really hurt. They all feel terrible as the guy has to go to hospital. A cop,Constable Potter(Heaton) arrives and tells them not to leave the island while he investigates. They arrive at Muffy's and she is ready for them. They have dinner etc and have a good time.

Strange things begin to happen to each of the group and one by one they disappear. Muffy changes too. She seems to be disturbed. Someone seems to be killing them. Who is it? They contact the Constable and he tells them that he will come and see what is happening. They are all worried about Muffy too. She seems to have lost the plot. It comes down to a confrontation with Muffy for the survivors and she has a knife. They are scared of her now as it seems that she planned for all of them to be there so she could murder them. It looks bleak for them when they realise that it has all been a prank. All of the 'dead' people emerge and it turns out that everyone they met was in on it . There was no constable, he was Muffy's uncle. The crew member was never hurt. It was just a trick. Nobody is dead. The movie ends with a little scare for Muffy when she opens her jack in the box. Someone tries to kill her but it is just another prank.

This was an entertaining movie. I could see the twist coming a mile away because of the title, I guess. You would expect the prank at the end. I still liked it and it was worth a watch. It gets a 5/10.


Susan Leighton said...

I remember seeing this in the theater. You are right, it is pretty transparent but definitely worth a viewing. Good review!

Amanda said...

Thanks!I liked this despite it being so obvious!!!A must for 80's slasher fans!

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