Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blood Beach Movie Review 238

Blood Beach is a 1980 horror movie directed by Jeffrey Bloom who also directed Flowers in the Attic. It stars David Huffman, John Saxon, Burt Young and Marianna Hill.

The movie begins with a woman called Ruth walking on the beach with her dog. She talks to the local coastguard, Harry(Huffman) and then all of a sudden she disappears into the sand. Her dog is left barking at a spot on the beach. Harry calls in the cops. Ruth's daughter, Kath(Hill) arrives to find her mother. She and Harry used to date so things are weird between them. Ruths dog is found dead on the beach and they think that someone did it on purpose. A young woman is bitten by something on a crowded beach and she has to be pulled from the sand. Her legs are chewed up. Captain Pearson(Saxon) is in charge and he wants action. He is being annoyed by Sergeant Royko(Young) who doesn't know what to make of it.

The cops decide to dig up the beach, but they find nothing. The press arrive at the beach and question people about it. The local kids are calling it Blood Beach. More people are attacked on the beach and the cops keep coming and going. Harry's girlfriend gets killed and he is very upset. Kath is still looking for her mother and they begin to think that it is a killer stalking the beach. Harry investigates an old ruin by the beach and he discovers a secret lair. The cops stake it out and they see a monster in the lair. It is some sort of subterranean creature and they decide to destroy it. They blow it up and everything goes back to normal. Or has it????There is movement in the sand and it seems as if the creature is back!!!

This is an okay movie. Nothing special. It was watchable, but I wouldn't be rushing to see it again. Catch it if you can. It gets a 4/10.


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