Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bay Coven a.k.a. Bay Cove Movie Review 243

Bay Coven is a 1987 TV thriller starring Pamela Sue Martin and Tim Matheson along with Woody Harrelson. It is directed by Carl Schenkel.

Linda(Martin) and her husband Jerry(Matheson) are young professionals working in Boston. Linda has just gotten a promotion in the law firm where she works and things are going well for her. Jerry is fed up of the city and he wants to get away. They meet a couple, Josh(Jeff Conaway) and his wife Debbie(Susan Ruttan) and they tell Linda and Jerry about a place called Bay Cove where there are houses for sale. They decide to go and see the house. Bay Cove is a small village and there isn't much happening there. Jerry sees the house and loves it.They meet the owner of the house. She is called Beatrice(Barbara Billingsley) and she shows them around inside. They decide to buy the house. Linda sees some old man across in the next house and he is shaking his head at her.

They move and meet the rest of the community. Linda has a dog and they all seem to hate it.  Linda talks to Debbie about the weirdness of the neighbours and they read a book about witches which they found. They look around the cove with their husbands and Linda's dog disappears. Their friend Slater(Harrelson) comes down to Bay Cove to see them and he thinks that there is something wrong with the place. He decides to investigate. Meanwhile, Jerry is acting strangely. He seems different since they moved to the bay. Slater is killed in a freak accident and Linda gets suspicious. Jerry is going off the rails and Linda wants to get out and go back to Boston. Linda goes into the house and talks to the old man who tells her that there are witches here and there is a coven. Jerry thinks that she has gone mad. The locals are all witches and they want Jerry to join their coven. He kills himself and tells her to go to the church to hide from them. She hides in the church and it explodes. She is last seen in a boat rowing away from Bay Cove.

An average thriller with very little scares. There is enough to keep you watching but once it is over, you will forget it. It is a watchable TV movie, but nothing special. It gets a 4/10.


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