Sunday, May 13, 2012

Beyond Evil Movie Review 241

Beyond Evil is a 1980 horror movie directed by Herb Freed who also directed Graduation Day and starring 

The story revolves around a haunted house on an island. Larry Andrews(Saxon) and his wife Barbara(George) go to live there as Larry has been offered a job with his pal Del Giorgio(Dante). The locals are all afraid of the house as it is evil. There is a local legend about a woman called Alma Martin who was the mistress of the house which was called Casa Fortuna. Her husband ruled the island. They had an arranged marriage and they didn't like each other. Alma dabbled in Black Magic and she was killed by her husband who was scared of what she might do to him. She comes back from the dead and murders him. A local tells them that Alma is still roaming in the house.

After moving into the house, Barbara hears voices and she can't sleep. The local witchdoctor is Dr.Frank Albanos and he meets Larry. Barbara cuts herself with a knife and Larry has to get her to the local hospital. The doctor tells him that she has an emotional problem. He gives her some tablets to help her. She laughs at him and Larry is worried about her. She wanders off from the hospital and Larry searches for her. She turns up at home. She starts to see Alma in the house and Dr.Albanos comes to talk to her but she won't listen to him. She goes to a crypt near the house and she is possessed by Alma. Larry realises that she isn't normal and he talks to Dr.Albanos about her . He tells Larry to get out of the house. Barbara doesn't want to go.

Del goes over to check on Barbara and she comes on to him and then she is possessed by Alma and she throws Del over the balcony, killing him. Larry arrives back and she pretends that nothing is wrong. Dr Albanos and his daughter Leah try and get Alma out of Barbara. Leah gets killed by Alma. Larry and Dr Albanos destroy the crypt and Barbara returns. She is free from Alma. Alma comes out of Barbara and she dies and turns to dust. They get away from the house.

This film was okay. I didn't love it or hate it. I don't think that I would see it again. I am giving this one a 4/10.


Islam said...

i love this movies.

Susan Leighton said...

John Saxon & Linda Day-George, wow! I vaguely remember this opus. I do love the fact that the Doctor's assessment of Linda's character after she cuts herself is she has emotional problems. That man is a genius! Awesome review!

Amanda said...

This film was very odd and there were some strange scenes.It was good fun but I wouldn't watch it again!

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