Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Crowhaven Farm Movie Review 240

Crowhaven Farm is a 1970 made for TV movie starring Hope Lange, Paul Burke and Lloyd Bochner. It is directed by Walter Grauman.

Crowhaven Farm is left to Maggie Porter(Hope Lange) and her husband Ben(Paul Walker) and they decide to move in. Ben loves the place, but Maggie is a little spooked by the place. She begins to have visions of olden times and a witch. Some of the locals arrive for a party. One of them is Harold, who knows all the history of the farm. There were witch trials and people were stoned or crushed to death. A guy called Mr.Pierce(Lloyd Bochner) gives her a job and Ben isn't happy about it. Maggie is having more visions and in them she is a witch being crushed to death. A local woman  is looking for a home for her ten year old niece, Jennifer and Maggie offers to take care of her. She and Ben think that Jennifer is a lovely child, but there is something funny about her they don't see. Maggie has to stay in town one night and Mr Pierce offers her his apartment. She doesn't tell Ben about it.

Maggie goes to the doctor and she is pregnant. Harold arrives to talk to Maggie but meets Jennifer who takes his cane and hides it. He goes home and she gives it to the handyman, Nate(John Carradine) who is spooky too. The next day, Harold dies after a mysterious accident. He gave Maggie some books on witches and the local legends. She tells Ben that she thinks there are still witches around but he thinks that she is crazy. She figures out that Jennifer is evil and when the baby is born, she doesn't want her near it. Ben has to go away for a night and he has to leave Maggie with Jennifer. Maggie doesn't want him to go, but he does. Maggie thinks that something bad is going to happen so she takes her baby and she runs off. She runs into Jennifer and some of the locals. Jennifer says that Maggie betrayed them. She is the descendant of a witch and they think that she is the reincarnation of her.

The witches are going to crush her just like in days of old. They want her soul, but she promises them Ben's in exchange for her life. They agree. Jennifer tells Ben that Maggie stayed at Mr Pierce's place and he goes mad and shoots him dead. He is a desperate man when he realises that he was wrong and he runs out into the wilderness where he meets Jennifer. The next day, the cops find his body. They assume it was an accidental death. The movie ends with Maggie living in the city with her baby. A cop comes over to her and chats to her.
She realises that he reminds her of Ben. When he says that he will be watching her, she  hurries off, realising that he might want  to get revenge on her....

This was not a bad movie. It is pretty average for the time. If you can get to watch it, then it will pass away a while.It gets a 5/10.


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