Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Tunnel Movie Review 250

The Tunnel is a 2011 Australian horror movie directed by Carlo Ledesma and starring Bel DeliĆ”, Andy Rodoreda, Steve Davis and  Luke Arnold.

The movie is supposedly based on true events and it is filmed documentary style. A woman called Natasha(Delia) is being interviewed. She says that she is a journalist and that she found out about a conspiracy in the government. There is a water shortage in Sydney and the government were going to use abandoned underground tunnels as a water recycling plant. But something happened and the plan was stopped. She wanted to know why so she started to investigate. She brings along a cameraman called Steve Miller(Davis) who was a bit sceptical and fellow journalist Pete(Rodoreda). A sound guy called Tangles (Arnold) is with them. They talk to a homeless man who used to live in the tunnels, but he seems very frightened when they talk about the tunnels. She wants to go into the tunnels and see what is going on herself, but she doesn't get permission. She decides to do it anyway.

They go in and it is dark so they have torches and the light from the camera. They film a few places and they come to a room where there is a air raid bell from WWII. Natasha rings it and Tangles says that it is too loud in the room so he will go outside and get the sound right. They wait for him, but he doesn't come back. Steve has his headphones on and he hears Tangles screaming.  They look for him in the tunnels, but he has gone. They find a lot of blood in one room along with Tangles' torch. They realise that someone was filming them while they were in the room. They realise that when they left down the camera, someone else picked it up and filmed them. They are all frightened now. Pete wants to leave, but Steve won't go without Tangles.Natasha wants to explore more, but Pete tells them that it is dangerous.They bump into the maintenance man and he tells them that he will lead them out, but something kills him.

They run for their lives, but it is a total maze. Natasha tells them that nobody knows that they are down there. She lied to them about having permission to go down. They are angry with her. They discover a creature that is living in the tunnels and it is a weird looking thing. It is after them. There is a cat and mouse chase for a while. Pete gets injured, but they eventually escape up into the station and into the light. But, Pete doesn't make it. He dies from his injuries. In the end, Natasha resigned. Steve still works as a cameraman. Tangles was never found. The case into his disappearance was closed due to lack of evidence. This film owes a lot to Blair Witch and Cloverfield. It is a decent horror movie- it is a bit slow to start but when it does, it is very well done indeed. I liked it a lot and I recommend it if you like the documentary style horror movies...It gets a 6/10.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Hells Kitchen Season 10, Episode 4

 Last week, Brianna was sent packing. We are down to fifteen chefs now.

The men are happy that they finished dinner service. The women are fighting as usual and they are blaming Barbie again. The next morning, the chefs are woken by barking dogs. They come down to a pen with sheep in it. The sheep have ingredients spray painted on their backs. Each team has to grab as many ingredients as they can. They need to cook four dishes each. They have to work in pairs. They present their dishes to Chef Ramsay and he decides that the men are better. The women have to clean up the sheep. The men get a treat.Danielle and Kimmy are not getting along. They argue. Danielle is a bit of an idiot. She irritates me. The women cannot get along without fighting and bickering. It is hilarious.

Service begins and Danielle is already messing up. She seems a bit thick. She gets her risotto totally wrong and Chef Ramsay yells at her. Brian has a total meltdown on the fish station(watch video above). He is wasting pieces of fish and he runs out of it. He is sent out of the kitchen. Roshni is serving raw meat and she seems a bit dumb. She keeps on messing up and the whole red kitchen is held up. She is thrown out of the kitchen. Don hands up raw meat and he gets yelled at. He seems a bit too laid back. He does it again and he gets thrown out too. Robyn and Danielle are thrown out of the red kitchen after stupid mistakes.In the blue kitchen, Royce and Justin are both cooking fish for the same table. They get kicked out. Both teams lose so they both have to choose two people to go. The men choose Don and Brian and the women choose Danielle and Roshni. Don(pictured above) goes home. He was a little lost, I think. Roshni gets put onto the blue team so that mixes things up a bit..

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hells Kitchen Season 10, Episode 3

Last week, we lost Chris and we are down to sixteen chefs.

The women are all against Barbie and Robyn wants her to go home. The next morning, she wakes everyone up very early with her banging and noisiness. They all get angry with her and there is a fight. Chef Ramsay wants to see them in the dining room where some new citizens are waiting for food. The two teams have to make lunch for them all. Barbie annoys everyone again when she starts trying to take over Kimmys station. The women somehow win and go for some treat. The men need a leader and Patrick decides that he is the one to do it. Their punishment is clearing away some trees.

At service, Royce is sulking because Patrick put himself out as leader. He is acting like a little baby. Dana can't cook spaghetti and it is bringing her team down. Don and Tiffany are chosen as waiters. Don does not impress. Barbie can't cook her scallops and she has to start again. Briana burns her fish again and again and she screws her team. Clemenza annoys Chef Ramsay when he doesn't cook his beef wellington properly and he runs out(watch video above). He has to explain to the customers why they aren't getting their dishes. Roshni can't please Chef Ramsay either. He throws the red team out of the kitchen. They lose and they have to pick two to go home. They choose Barbie and Brianna. Chef Ramsay calls out Roshni too. In the end, Brianna(pictured above) ends up going. She was never going to win. She just didn't have the ability...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Evil in the Woods Movie Review 249

Evil in the Woods is a 1986 horror movie directed, produced and written by William J.Oates. It is his only movie to date. Most of the actors have never acted since either!

A young kid goes to the local library and picks out a book called Evil in the Woods and brings it home to read immediately. The book begins with a film crew who are filming a terrible movie involving aliens and bigfoot. They are filming deep in the woods. At the same time a couple and their young son are camping in the woods. The boy runs off and bumps into a gang of weirdos. I have to say that the weirdos were completely laughable and they were not one bit scary. All I could do is smile at their attempts to be creepy. The mother of the gang comes out and she takes the boy inside. You know that he won't be coming back. She makes a potion out of him to keep her young.His parents go to the sheriff for help but he seems completely inept. 

You can probably guess what happens with the film crew and the weirdo family of cannibals. There is plenty of killing and silliness and the film just gets crazier by the minute. It turns out that the sheriff is in on it with the family of freaks and he won't help anyone escape. The movie ends with the young kid turning into a monster after finishing the book! It was one of the worst horror movies I have seen in recent times, but at least it made me smile. I would only watch this if you are prepared for shockingly bad acting and some laughable baddies...I am giving this one a paltry 2/10!!!!Watch at your own risk!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hells Kitchen, Season 10, Episode 2

 Last week, Tavon was kicked out of Hells Kitchen and it is now down to seventeen chefs.

The blue team are talking about everything and they have to admit that they are not getting it together. The red team aren't doing much better. The next morning, they are woken by some horrible rapping. They go down and they have to dig for scallops in two huge mounds of ice. They have to get the scallops and clean them etc and then cook dishes with them. The winner will have the best dishes. The women win and get some sort of reward. I have to say that there is no one on the women's team I like yet. The men have to prepare loads of prawns.It seems to bring the men's team closer together. The women are not quite there yet.

Robyn and Barbie are beginning to annoy each other. Barbie is an idiot and I don't like her. There is always one chef who stands out as a cow and Barbie seems to be it this year. Brian and Christina have to go around to tables and cook. So, in the blue kitchen, Don is messing up his pizza. He is a bit nervous. Briana is annoying Chef Ramsay by serving crap risotto. Brian gets called out for serving raw scampi. Barbie can't count and she is serving up too few scallops. Chris is a complete fool and he is holding everything up. He overcooks his scallop. The other chefs have to eat them. Barbie hands Chef Ramsay terrible food and he is not impressed with her. He is pissed at the men and he tells them that they better shape up. He sees six of them cooking scallops at the same time. He is amazed.

Barbie is still annoying everyone by not communicating. Robyn under cooks her lamb and she blames Barbie for screwing up(watch video above). Chris(Pictured above) tries to redeem himself but fails miserably. Royce can't even cook mashed potato which says a lot about him. Chef Ramsay throws the women out of the kitchen. They all start fighting upstairs. He throws the men out too. They both lose and they have to choose two from each team. The men choose  Chris and Royce. The women choose Barbie and Roshni. Chef Ramsay chooses Chris to go home and rightly so...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hells Kitchen Season 10, Episode 1

It's back!!!!! Season 10 has arrived and it's about time! I don't watch much reality TV, but I like cookery shows and this one I always enjoy, even though I know what to expect! So, last year, Paul won and I didn't like him at all, so let's begin with the new batch of hopefuls in 2012 Hells Kitchen.

The show begins as usual with the big mouths telling anyone who will listen how skilled they are and how they will win. This usually means that they will be the first ones kicked out! The prize is a job one of Chef Ramsay's restaurants. The group are greeted by Chef Scott who tells them that they will have to shave their heads to show their passion. One guy volunteers and he gets his head shaved(watch video above). Of course, he is a plant and it is just a joke. Chef Ramsay shows up and tells them to cook their signature dish. It is women versus men and the women win the first challenge in Hells Kitchen. One of the chefs, Clemenza is a large man and he is having breathing problems, which does not bode well for him. He manages to get it under control . The women get to meet previous Hells Kitchen winners Dave and Rock and they chat etc. The men have to clean both kitchens..

The women are a little behind with their prep and they seem to be a bit slow on the first day of service.
Roshni is the first woman to make a mistake and it is with the scallops. She cannot seem to get them right and she gets shouted at. He throws her out after she messes up another batch and she is annoyed. In the mens kitchen, Tavon  is really getting on Chef Ramsay's nerves. He seems incompetent even though he is an executive chef. He has ruined the scallops and they have to change the menu because of it. In the womens kitchen, Christina has undercooked her beef wellington and they have to be done again, causing a huge delay. Everyone is annoyed at her. Royce is not doing so well in the men's kitchen and he is undercooking his pasta. He has a huge ego and when he is sent upstairs he can't understand it. The rest of the blue team are kicked out of the kitchen. He shuts down the red kitchen too. The women win the service and the men have to pick two people. They choose Tavon and Don because Tavon is crap and they don't like Don. Chef Ramsay is not impressed with their choice and he chooses Tavon and Royce. Tavon(pictured above)is chosen to go home... Seventeen chefs are left in Hell's Kitchen....

Monday, June 11, 2012

Bunnyman Movie Review 248

 Bunnyman is a 2009 horror movie directed by Carl Lindberg who is currently working on the sequel to this movie. It stars Cheryl Texiera and Matthew Philips.

The film starts with an old 8mm video of a girl being murdered by some guy. Cut to modern day and a young girl is running from a murderer. She jumps into the back of a truck and hides. The killer gets into the truck and drives off with her in the back. There are six young people in a car driving along the same road and they get stuck behind the truck. The driver, John(Philips) is getting impatient and wants to pass the truck. He does so and the truck driver gets pissed off. This results in a cat and mouse chase on the road. The kids in the car get scared because the truck driver tries to hit the car. Eventually, they pull over and stop and he pulls in behind them but won't get out of the truck. They are spooked and they sit in the car wondering what to do next. He drives off leaving them frightened.

While the kids drive off, the killer gets the girl in the back of the truck. He is dressed as a bunny in a suit.
The girl gets torn in two(literally) and Bunnyman heads off for more murder and mayhem. The young people in the car see the truck and they veer off of the road wrecking their car. One of them tries to fix it, but he gets squished when Bunnyman hits the car with his truck. The kids head off walking(no supplies, no jackets, no weapons- not even a wrench!). They reach a house and they try to explain to a local what is going on, but he is a weirdo and he won't help them. That night, they run into a woman and a man in a car and they ask them for help. The woman and man are clearly up to something and they seem edgy. The woman promises to come back for them and she tells them about an old shack in the woods where they could get some shelter until she is back.

They find the shack and they go inside. Unfortualtely, Bunnyman lives there, so they are caught. Bunnyman and his weirdo family come back and the kids are picked off one by one. Only John and Rachel(Texiera) are left. They battle the weirdo family and kill some of them. Then, they run from Bunnyman. He catches them, but Rachel stabs him in the neck with scissors and he is wounded. John and Rachel escape and Bunnyman is presumed dead, but of course, he survives and he is seen walking home in the end. This film was not bad at all. It was funny with the killer wearing a bunny suit and it entertained in parts. The acting is pretty bad, but apart from that, it was fun. If you can get your hands on it, it is worth a watch...It gets a 5/10.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rogue River Movie Review 247

Rogue River is a 2012 horror movie directed by Jourdan McClure and starring Michelle Page and Bill Moseley.

This film begins with a young woman crying. It is obvious that she has been through some trauma and she is holding a gun. She puts the gun to her head and we hear a shot. Movie begins.Mara(Page) is the young woman from the start and she is leaving her brother, Andrew(Chris Coy)  to go somewhere in her car. She drives along and comes to a river which is surrounded by woods. It turns out she has an urn and in it are the ashes of her dad.She is going to spread them in the river when a local man called Jon(Moseley) tells her not to. He tells her it is frowned upon in these parts. They chat and he tells her he will walk her back to her car which has vanished.He offers her a lift into town and he stops at his house and brings Mara in to meet his wife, Lea(Lucinda Jenney). She asks Mara to stay until the next morning. Mara agrees.

During the night, Mara discovers that Jon and Lea are a bit strange and it becomes more and more obvious as she tries to leave. Jon eventually throws her out but then follows her and hits her over the head with his gun.
She wakes up back in the house with her ankles shackled. She tries to escape, but they catch her and Lea pours boiling water into her throat. A cop calls to the house looking for Mara and Jon shoots him. He has someone else with him and he gets shot too.  Mara finds out that Lea is Jon's sister not his wife, making the weirdness even worse.They make Mara have sex with one of the guys they shot and she realises too late that it is her brother, Andrew. They want her to get pregnant. She manages to kill Lea and she escapes with Andrew. They run off into woods, but Andrew gets shot.

There is a showdown between Mara and Jon. She shoots him and kills him. The movie ends with Mara spreading the ashes of her father and brother into the river. This movie started well and got worse as it went along. It was a good premise, but then it seemed to descend into torture etc and it lost the plot literally! It was a bit disappointing in the end. It gets a 4/10.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Demon Wind Movie Review 246


Demon Wind is a 1990 horror movie directed by Charles Philip Moore and starring Eric Larson and Francine Lapensee.

A couple in an old farmhouse are being chased by something evil. It is a demon. The woman tries to shut it out with spells, but it gets her eventually... Cut to present day and a young man called Cory(Larson) is driving to his dads old farm with his girlfriend Elaine(Lapensee). They stop at a gas station and it turns out that Cory has dreamed of this place before. They ask the locals for directions but get a chilly reply. They tell them that the farm has gone. The rest of Cory's friends turn up. They all drive up to the farm site. Cory tells them that his dad killed himself and that he used to live in the farmhouse. When his father was young, his family disappeared and were never found. The gas station guy tells them to turn around and go home, but Cory won't. He tells Cory that the owners were killed there and that it belongs to the dead now. This falls on deaf ears and the group go up there.

They sense the evil as they draw closer to it. All of their cars go dead and won't start. They wander into the old shack and look around. Cory finds the skeleton of his grandmother who was the lady at the beginning of the movie running from the demon. They all decide to walk back to the gas station, but a huge fog appears and some evil demons turn up and take one of the group. The others go back to the shack. Cory finds a diary from his grandmother and there are passages about the demons. She has two daggers which can kill the evil. He finds them. The demons trick two of the group and they are killed. The others begin to drop too until there is just Cory and Elaine left. They try some spells from grandmas book and it works. The demons are vanquished and Cory and Elaine drive away. Of course, there are more and we can see them as Cory and Elaine leave....

This is a very low budget offering. It wasn't great, but it is worth a watch. I think that it was a little drawn out and some of the acting is awful, but hey, this is horror, acting doesn't really come into it!!A low budget demon horror movie might appeal to you so if it does give this one a chance!!!It gets a 4/10.
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