Monday, June 11, 2012

Bunnyman Movie Review 248

 Bunnyman is a 2009 horror movie directed by Carl Lindberg who is currently working on the sequel to this movie. It stars Cheryl Texiera and Matthew Philips.

The film starts with an old 8mm video of a girl being murdered by some guy. Cut to modern day and a young girl is running from a murderer. She jumps into the back of a truck and hides. The killer gets into the truck and drives off with her in the back. There are six young people in a car driving along the same road and they get stuck behind the truck. The driver, John(Philips) is getting impatient and wants to pass the truck. He does so and the truck driver gets pissed off. This results in a cat and mouse chase on the road. The kids in the car get scared because the truck driver tries to hit the car. Eventually, they pull over and stop and he pulls in behind them but won't get out of the truck. They are spooked and they sit in the car wondering what to do next. He drives off leaving them frightened.

While the kids drive off, the killer gets the girl in the back of the truck. He is dressed as a bunny in a suit.
The girl gets torn in two(literally) and Bunnyman heads off for more murder and mayhem. The young people in the car see the truck and they veer off of the road wrecking their car. One of them tries to fix it, but he gets squished when Bunnyman hits the car with his truck. The kids head off walking(no supplies, no jackets, no weapons- not even a wrench!). They reach a house and they try to explain to a local what is going on, but he is a weirdo and he won't help them. That night, they run into a woman and a man in a car and they ask them for help. The woman and man are clearly up to something and they seem edgy. The woman promises to come back for them and she tells them about an old shack in the woods where they could get some shelter until she is back.

They find the shack and they go inside. Unfortualtely, Bunnyman lives there, so they are caught. Bunnyman and his weirdo family come back and the kids are picked off one by one. Only John and Rachel(Texiera) are left. They battle the weirdo family and kill some of them. Then, they run from Bunnyman. He catches them, but Rachel stabs him in the neck with scissors and he is wounded. John and Rachel escape and Bunnyman is presumed dead, but of course, he survives and he is seen walking home in the end. This film was not bad at all. It was funny with the killer wearing a bunny suit and it entertained in parts. The acting is pretty bad, but apart from that, it was fun. If you can get your hands on it, it is worth a watch...It gets a 5/10.


Tony Briley said...

I remember this one! Good slasher for Easter.

Amanda said...

Yes and there aren't too many of those!There is a sequel to this somewhere so I must try and get my hands on it!!!

Tony Briley said...

Is that Bunnyman Massacre?

Susan Leighton said...

Sounds like they borrowed from The Hitcher for the one death (the girl being torn in two). Maybe they should have thought before heading for a CABIN IN THE WOODS! What could possibly go wrong? Good review, Jigs! 👍

Amanda said...

Thanks!This is a weird one but I liked that about it.The man in the bunny suit was a good touch here.Otherwise there wasn't anything too original.It did make me laugh and of course there was an 'ol cabin in the woods...Isn't there always!!!! It comes as standard😁

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