Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Demon Wind Movie Review 246


Demon Wind is a 1990 horror movie directed by Charles Philip Moore and starring Eric Larson and Francine Lapensee.

A couple in an old farmhouse are being chased by something evil. It is a demon. The woman tries to shut it out with spells, but it gets her eventually... Cut to present day and a young man called Cory(Larson) is driving to his dads old farm with his girlfriend Elaine(Lapensee). They stop at a gas station and it turns out that Cory has dreamed of this place before. They ask the locals for directions but get a chilly reply. They tell them that the farm has gone. The rest of Cory's friends turn up. They all drive up to the farm site. Cory tells them that his dad killed himself and that he used to live in the farmhouse. When his father was young, his family disappeared and were never found. The gas station guy tells them to turn around and go home, but Cory won't. He tells Cory that the owners were killed there and that it belongs to the dead now. This falls on deaf ears and the group go up there.

They sense the evil as they draw closer to it. All of their cars go dead and won't start. They wander into the old shack and look around. Cory finds the skeleton of his grandmother who was the lady at the beginning of the movie running from the demon. They all decide to walk back to the gas station, but a huge fog appears and some evil demons turn up and take one of the group. The others go back to the shack. Cory finds a diary from his grandmother and there are passages about the demons. She has two daggers which can kill the evil. He finds them. The demons trick two of the group and they are killed. The others begin to drop too until there is just Cory and Elaine left. They try some spells from grandmas book and it works. The demons are vanquished and Cory and Elaine drive away. Of course, there are more and we can see them as Cory and Elaine leave....

This is a very low budget offering. It wasn't great, but it is worth a watch. I think that it was a little drawn out and some of the acting is awful, but hey, this is horror, acting doesn't really come into it!!A low budget demon horror movie might appeal to you so if it does give this one a chance!!!It gets a 4/10.


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