Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Evil in the Woods Movie Review 249

Evil in the Woods is a 1986 horror movie directed, produced and written by William J.Oates. It is his only movie to date. Most of the actors have never acted since either!

A young kid goes to the local library and picks out a book called Evil in the Woods and brings it home to read immediately. The book begins with a film crew who are filming a terrible movie involving aliens and bigfoot. They are filming deep in the woods. At the same time a couple and their young son are camping in the woods. The boy runs off and bumps into a gang of weirdos. I have to say that the weirdos were completely laughable and they were not one bit scary. All I could do is smile at their attempts to be creepy. The mother of the gang comes out and she takes the boy inside. You know that he won't be coming back. She makes a potion out of him to keep her young.His parents go to the sheriff for help but he seems completely inept. 

You can probably guess what happens with the film crew and the weirdo family of cannibals. There is plenty of killing and silliness and the film just gets crazier by the minute. It turns out that the sheriff is in on it with the family of freaks and he won't help anyone escape. The movie ends with the young kid turning into a monster after finishing the book! It was one of the worst horror movies I have seen in recent times, but at least it made me smile. I would only watch this if you are prepared for shockingly bad acting and some laughable baddies...I am giving this one a paltry 2/10!!!!Watch at your own risk!


Susan Leighton said...

There is probably a reason why this director never made another picture. It sounds monumentally bad but I do LOVE films that are laughable. You know, like Ed Wood's Plan 9 from Outer Space. It is like a car crash but you cannot turn away. I have to seek this film out. The kid looks like Harrison Ford, Jr. Good review, Jigs!

Amanda said...

Thanks Susan, this was bad and so funny.It is a weird,crazy movie which has to be seen to be believed so if you can find it, have a look.It is guaranteed to make you laugh!!!

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