Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hells Kitchen Season 10, Episode 1

It's back!!!!! Season 10 has arrived and it's about time! I don't watch much reality TV, but I like cookery shows and this one I always enjoy, even though I know what to expect! So, last year, Paul won and I didn't like him at all, so let's begin with the new batch of hopefuls in 2012 Hells Kitchen.

The show begins as usual with the big mouths telling anyone who will listen how skilled they are and how they will win. This usually means that they will be the first ones kicked out! The prize is a job one of Chef Ramsay's restaurants. The group are greeted by Chef Scott who tells them that they will have to shave their heads to show their passion. One guy volunteers and he gets his head shaved(watch video above). Of course, he is a plant and it is just a joke. Chef Ramsay shows up and tells them to cook their signature dish. It is women versus men and the women win the first challenge in Hells Kitchen. One of the chefs, Clemenza is a large man and he is having breathing problems, which does not bode well for him. He manages to get it under control . The women get to meet previous Hells Kitchen winners Dave and Rock and they chat etc. The men have to clean both kitchens..

The women are a little behind with their prep and they seem to be a bit slow on the first day of service.
Roshni is the first woman to make a mistake and it is with the scallops. She cannot seem to get them right and she gets shouted at. He throws her out after she messes up another batch and she is annoyed. In the mens kitchen, Tavon  is really getting on Chef Ramsay's nerves. He seems incompetent even though he is an executive chef. He has ruined the scallops and they have to change the menu because of it. In the womens kitchen, Christina has undercooked her beef wellington and they have to be done again, causing a huge delay. Everyone is annoyed at her. Royce is not doing so well in the men's kitchen and he is undercooking his pasta. He has a huge ego and when he is sent upstairs he can't understand it. The rest of the blue team are kicked out of the kitchen. He shuts down the red kitchen too. The women win the service and the men have to pick two people. They choose Tavon and Don because Tavon is crap and they don't like Don. Chef Ramsay is not impressed with their choice and he chooses Tavon and Royce. Tavon(pictured above)is chosen to go home... Seventeen chefs are left in Hell's Kitchen....


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