Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hells Kitchen, Season 10, Episode 2

 Last week, Tavon was kicked out of Hells Kitchen and it is now down to seventeen chefs.

The blue team are talking about everything and they have to admit that they are not getting it together. The red team aren't doing much better. The next morning, they are woken by some horrible rapping. They go down and they have to dig for scallops in two huge mounds of ice. They have to get the scallops and clean them etc and then cook dishes with them. The winner will have the best dishes. The women win and get some sort of reward. I have to say that there is no one on the women's team I like yet. The men have to prepare loads of prawns.It seems to bring the men's team closer together. The women are not quite there yet.

Robyn and Barbie are beginning to annoy each other. Barbie is an idiot and I don't like her. There is always one chef who stands out as a cow and Barbie seems to be it this year. Brian and Christina have to go around to tables and cook. So, in the blue kitchen, Don is messing up his pizza. He is a bit nervous. Briana is annoying Chef Ramsay by serving crap risotto. Brian gets called out for serving raw scampi. Barbie can't count and she is serving up too few scallops. Chris is a complete fool and he is holding everything up. He overcooks his scallop. The other chefs have to eat them. Barbie hands Chef Ramsay terrible food and he is not impressed with her. He is pissed at the men and he tells them that they better shape up. He sees six of them cooking scallops at the same time. He is amazed.

Barbie is still annoying everyone by not communicating. Robyn under cooks her lamb and she blames Barbie for screwing up(watch video above). Chris(Pictured above) tries to redeem himself but fails miserably. Royce can't even cook mashed potato which says a lot about him. Chef Ramsay throws the women out of the kitchen. They all start fighting upstairs. He throws the men out too. They both lose and they have to choose two from each team. The men choose  Chris and Royce. The women choose Barbie and Roshni. Chef Ramsay chooses Chris to go home and rightly so...


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