Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hells Kitchen Season 10, Episode 3

Last week, we lost Chris and we are down to sixteen chefs.

The women are all against Barbie and Robyn wants her to go home. The next morning, she wakes everyone up very early with her banging and noisiness. They all get angry with her and there is a fight. Chef Ramsay wants to see them in the dining room where some new citizens are waiting for food. The two teams have to make lunch for them all. Barbie annoys everyone again when she starts trying to take over Kimmys station. The women somehow win and go for some treat. The men need a leader and Patrick decides that he is the one to do it. Their punishment is clearing away some trees.

At service, Royce is sulking because Patrick put himself out as leader. He is acting like a little baby. Dana can't cook spaghetti and it is bringing her team down. Don and Tiffany are chosen as waiters. Don does not impress. Barbie can't cook her scallops and she has to start again. Briana burns her fish again and again and she screws her team. Clemenza annoys Chef Ramsay when he doesn't cook his beef wellington properly and he runs out(watch video above). He has to explain to the customers why they aren't getting their dishes. Roshni can't please Chef Ramsay either. He throws the red team out of the kitchen. They lose and they have to pick two to go home. They choose Barbie and Brianna. Chef Ramsay calls out Roshni too. In the end, Brianna(pictured above) ends up going. She was never going to win. She just didn't have the ability...


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