Monday, June 25, 2012

Hells Kitchen Season 10, Episode 4

 Last week, Brianna was sent packing. We are down to fifteen chefs now.

The men are happy that they finished dinner service. The women are fighting as usual and they are blaming Barbie again. The next morning, the chefs are woken by barking dogs. They come down to a pen with sheep in it. The sheep have ingredients spray painted on their backs. Each team has to grab as many ingredients as they can. They need to cook four dishes each. They have to work in pairs. They present their dishes to Chef Ramsay and he decides that the men are better. The women have to clean up the sheep. The men get a treat.Danielle and Kimmy are not getting along. They argue. Danielle is a bit of an idiot. She irritates me. The women cannot get along without fighting and bickering. It is hilarious.

Service begins and Danielle is already messing up. She seems a bit thick. She gets her risotto totally wrong and Chef Ramsay yells at her. Brian has a total meltdown on the fish station(watch video above). He is wasting pieces of fish and he runs out of it. He is sent out of the kitchen. Roshni is serving raw meat and she seems a bit dumb. She keeps on messing up and the whole red kitchen is held up. She is thrown out of the kitchen. Don hands up raw meat and he gets yelled at. He seems a bit too laid back. He does it again and he gets thrown out too. Robyn and Danielle are thrown out of the red kitchen after stupid mistakes.In the blue kitchen, Royce and Justin are both cooking fish for the same table. They get kicked out. Both teams lose so they both have to choose two people to go. The men choose Don and Brian and the women choose Danielle and Roshni. Don(pictured above) goes home. He was a little lost, I think. Roshni gets put onto the blue team so that mixes things up a bit..


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