Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Tunnel Movie Review 250

The Tunnel is a 2011 Australian horror movie directed by Carlo Ledesma and starring Bel Deliá, Andy Rodoreda, Steve Davis and  Luke Arnold.

The movie is supposedly based on true events and it is filmed documentary style. A woman called Natasha(Delia) is being interviewed. She says that she is a journalist and that she found out about a conspiracy in the government. There is a water shortage in Sydney and the government were going to use abandoned underground tunnels as a water recycling plant. But something happened and the plan was stopped. She wanted to know why so she started to investigate. She brings along a cameraman called Steve Miller(Davis) who was a bit sceptical and fellow journalist Pete(Rodoreda). A sound guy called Tangles (Arnold) is with them. They talk to a homeless man who used to live in the tunnels, but he seems very frightened when they talk about the tunnels. She wants to go into the tunnels and see what is going on herself, but she doesn't get permission. She decides to do it anyway.

They go in and it is dark so they have torches and the light from the camera. They film a few places and they come to a room where there is a air raid bell from WWII. Natasha rings it and Tangles says that it is too loud in the room so he will go outside and get the sound right. They wait for him, but he doesn't come back. Steve has his headphones on and he hears Tangles screaming.  They look for him in the tunnels, but he has gone. They find a lot of blood in one room along with Tangles' torch. They realise that someone was filming them while they were in the room. They realise that when they left down the camera, someone else picked it up and filmed them. They are all frightened now. Pete wants to leave, but Steve won't go without Tangles.Natasha wants to explore more, but Pete tells them that it is dangerous.They bump into the maintenance man and he tells them that he will lead them out, but something kills him.

They run for their lives, but it is a total maze. Natasha tells them that nobody knows that they are down there. She lied to them about having permission to go down. They are angry with her. They discover a creature that is living in the tunnels and it is a weird looking thing. It is after them. There is a cat and mouse chase for a while. Pete gets injured, but they eventually escape up into the station and into the light. But, Pete doesn't make it. He dies from his injuries. In the end, Natasha resigned. Steve still works as a cameraman. Tangles was never found. The case into his disappearance was closed due to lack of evidence. This film owes a lot to Blair Witch and Cloverfield. It is a decent horror movie- it is a bit slow to start but when it does, it is very well done indeed. I liked it a lot and I recommend it if you like the documentary style horror movies...It gets a 6/10.


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